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Narcotic Drug Treatment Center

Narcotic Drug Treatment Center
520 East 4th Avenue Suite 102
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

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(907) 278-5019

About Us

The Narcotic Drug Treatment Center Inc. (NDTC) is a non-profit Organization designed to assist individuals to overcome both physical and psychological dependency on drugs. Since 1974 the NDTC has endorsed a treatment philosophy emphasizing client readiness to seek help as a key factor to effective therapy. Strict Client confidentiality assures each client security to explore options and to challenge present behaviors and attitudes. The agency's ultimate goal is the complete physical, psychological, social, and economic habilitation of each client.  

Areas of Expertise
he Center for Drug Problems (CDP) provides a broad spectrum of outpatient services to meet the drug treatment needs of people with opiate abuse problems. Methadone Treatment is provided in three components: 30 day detoxification (detox), extended detox, and methadone maintenance. Drug- free counseling is available for people with non-opiate drug abuse problems, while drug-free and maintenance aftercare are available for clients who have moved beyond treatment components, and are seeking additional counseling.



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