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Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment in Northport

Searching the names of drug rehab centers and nature of services provided in Northport AL can be done by looking at the referral organization directory Drug Rehabs.Org.

Northport drug rehab boasts of only one treatment center, M/s Bradford Health Services, located at 515, Energy Center Boulevard, Northport, AL 35473. This center provides the services of substance abuse treatment on an outpatient care and partial hospitalization/ day treatment. Really there is no adequate number of drug rehab treatment centers in Northport, Alabama. Hence traveling for treatment outside the city may be a better option.

Programs/centers of drug rehab in Northport can be searched in Drug Rehabs.Org which is a drug treatment center referral organization and their directory includes more than 25000 different drug rehab programs spread throughout the country. The Northport drug rehab center is licensed by a governing agency and operates with the goal of achieving for the addicts a stable and permanent recovery from addiction. The Northport drug rehabilitation center detoxifies the addicts initially under the supervision of well qualified medical professionals. This helps in managing any scary withdrawal symptoms like convulsions, acute mental stress etc. To maintain them in the withdrawn state without any relapse occurring, intervention counseling by well trained counselors, located at facilities in Northport at a) Alabama Adult and Child and Adolescent Therapy, b) Echols Kyle Md., and c) Taylor Sterling PhD, who may be postgraduates / doctoral degree holders in their own sphere, is carried out to tackle the psychological aspect the drug recovery. Drug rehab in Northport is thus carried out in a comprehensive way suited to each individual wherein the treatment is chosen after a careful study of the individual case.

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Northport, Alabama 35473


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