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Enterprise is a city of 24,000 people situated in Coffee and Dale counties in the State of Oklahoma. Enterprise is home to the Enterprise-Ozark Community College but perhaps the most famous landmark there is the Boll Weevil Monument. Yes, that's right a statue to honor the boll weevil – an agricultural pest that destroyed cotton crops in Enterprise. Now why are they grateful to a pest? That's because the destruction of the cotton crops led to a crop diversification movement that encouraged them to look beyond cotton and grow more profitable crops. But right now, there is a different kind of infestation troubling Enterprise – drugs. There about four to five drug rehab centers in Enterprise to help those suffering from substance abuse problems.

If you're looking for drug rehab in Enterprise, the well-known Enterprise drug rehab centers are the two-rehab centers near Enterprise Cemetery on North Main Street. One is Professional Medical Associates and the other is Enterprise Children's Center. Children, being impressionable and prone to cracking under peer pressure are soft targets for drug pushers, so they had to have a rehab center just for children. There is one more Enterprise drug rehab center near Boll Weevil Plaza Shopping Center, which is in the northeast corner of the city. It is called the Enterprise Medical Clinic and is located on the on the north side of the plaza. And one more Enterprise drug rehabilitation center is the Volunteers of America Center on Bellwood Road located in the south of the city.

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