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There are many situations that could prompt you to seek out a counselor. Whether it is for a drug or alcohol addiction, mental disorder, or a famly issue, there are several counselors who are able to help you talk through your problems. Communication with a counselor can help you lead a more productive life; they may not be able to eliminate your problems, but they can help you cope with them.

A drug addiction counselor will be able to help you conquer your dependency on drugs. While treatment and prescriptions are usually necessary as well, an addiction recovery counselor can help you with the emotional issues that arise when you are struggling with an addiction. These counselors are almost always employed at treatment centers and clinics, but you can find a local substance abuse counselor who is associated with local faith based organizations or peer advocacy groups.

A mental health counselor can help you talk through the struggles that arise with mental disorders such as bipolar, schizophrenia, and depression. While medication is a key element in conquering such a problem, counseling is needed as well for both the individual with the disorder as well as his or her family.

Indeed, some counselors can serve as a family or marriage counselor when the need arises. When relational issues erupt within a family, counseling can often help heal and mediate. This type of counselor will almost surely have their own practice, so that you can work with your entire family's schedule to set up appointments that work for you.

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