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Young People’s Sobriety in LA


I am originally from the East Coast and this is where I was first introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous. I recently moved to Los Angeles and have been sober my entire time here. Maintaining sobriety was difficult for me back East. Many factors played a part in why I couldn’t get a grasp of this program back East. My view of Alcoholics Anonymous changed when I got to Los Angeles and the sober network I acquired here has helped me to enjoy and believe in my recovery. Every pre-conceived notion I had went out the window after about a week. I am not saying that the program where I am from is flawed or inadequate by any means. It’s actually the opposite, the AA is great there and there are a lot of amazing people, but for someone like me it just was not enough to want to stay on for the ride.

Back home I didn’t have a sober network. I would go to meetings and on most occasions would be the youngest person in the room. Now don’t get me wrong, there were young people but it was just not in the capacity that is found in Los Angeles. There is so much life and youth that it truly stops you in your tracks to see all these young adults, and even teenagers, getting and staying sober. That attraction was just not there for me back East which made it very difficult to get on board and stay active in the program. Since I have been in Los Angeles I have met a ton of people whom I can relate with. I have built a strong inner circle of trusted friends I can go to whenever I have an issue.

The love and acceptance I have experienced since I have been out here is really what has drawn me to staying sober. I am finally having fun in sobriety and enjoying my life. Back home I didn’t have many AA people who I could make connections and spend time with. So I hung out with other people my age that drank and used, which ultimately led me to drugs and alcohol again. Having a sober network helps reinforce my program and keep me on the right track. When my thinking is flawed or I am in a negative state of mind I have people all around me to help me move out of that thinking. My sober network is by far one of the main reasons I have stayed sober and have given my all to this program. Without the support I have from friends in this program I don’t know where I would be.

Since moving to Los Angeles my views on sobriety and my future have changed immensely. I now have the tools and support around me to maintain sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous is amazing no matter where you are at, but making sure you can acquire a strong sober network and support group is key. My sober network along with my willingness to believe in the program is what has kept me sober. There is a lot to experience in sobriety, so if you build the right foundation and surround yourself with positive people, you will see your life start to change for the better.

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  • Karen Maguire

    I know a 24 year old that sounds like she could benefit from this and she lives in LA near the Grove and Farmers Market. Where can she go to join get an experience like you did?
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