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There are two ways to look at you only live once. One you could just do what ever the fuck you want like some people or you could try and accomplish as much as you can in life, and live a healthy long lasting life. Lots of people try and do what ever they want they get high and take what they want, lots of people steal and rob from banks and people on the street then get high,  fuck random broads in a cheap motel rooms yolo.

There are a lot of people who say fuck it you only live once and then go do some thing crazy like rob a 7 eleven or take drugs from a high power gangster. But they usually go to prison or get blasted by other people that live the same way. I used to live that way, and I’ve done lots of dangerous and stupid things, but also some weird and funny things like fucking a one legged Mexican chola chick high on meth for two days with a wet towel wrapped around my head like an Arab. I did this because my junk wasn’t working unless I cooled down and the wet towel helped. But I accomplished what the goal was, I later found out that this bed I was in and this whole house I was in wasn’t hers or her homies. Some bitch busted the door in and freaked out cuz me and this broad were fucking in her bed. But I said fuck it YOLO, I left and went to rehab later that night. I’ve done lots of jack moves and lots of other fucked up shit, and I’ve gone to jail for a lot of it. Now I’m trying to live the other way you only live once but do it by the rules and try to live a happy, healthy, and  long  life with a lot of accomplishments and thing’s to do instead of living a fast dangerous short life like a lot of my homeboys, I’m trying to stay clean from drugs and alcohol and make money legally. Eating healthy and going to the gym for me helps I’m in shape and feel good so that mite help me live longer unless I get hit by a car or something but I hope that shit does not happen.

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