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Vodka Eyeballing: Stupidity at Its Best

There will come a point in a person’s life where just drinking liquor is not enough for them.  Making what they think is an intelligent decision; going as far as pouring booze straight into their eyeball becomes a promising idea.  Believe me it is not!  Kids do not understand the risks they are taking, foolishly thinking they will get drunk by doing this.

A more recent craze called vodka eyeballing started in 2010, and is widely used as a technique by party-goers to get a quick buzz.  As seen in the movie, Kevin and Perry Go Large released in April in 2000 to UK theaters, one character, DJ Eye Ball Paul performs vodka eyeballing.  This is possibly where teenagers got the idea from. Basically, the way to achieve this quick buzz is to simply lean back, pull apart the eyelids, and have someone poor the vodka straight from the bottle or a shot into the eye.  The daring people trying this say that immediately after the alcohol touches the eyeball they feel an instant buzz within a minute’s time.

By no means is pouring vodka or any kind of alcohol into the eye safe and can certainly ruin the eyesight permanently.  Dr Cindy Tromans, the President of the College of Optometrists is greatly worried regarding this practice and explains how the eye gets damaged.  “The main danger from pouring 40 per cent alcohol into the eye is damage to the epithelium which is a delicate layer of skin cells covering the eye.  Alcohol will damage this layer which then leaves the eye vulnerable to infection and potentially scarring which in the long run can be sight threatening.”  Risking ones eyesight for such a short buzz even if it is more intensified is just insane.

Being a recovering alcoholic, even in my drinking days I would never attempt to do something like this.  I would get enough off of a buzz just imbibing the stuff, rather than put it into my eyeball.  Five months ago, if somebody asked me to part take in this act of stupidity I think I would not of partied with them anymore…letting them risk their eyesight in that manner.  I cared about myself too much, even though my life was a mess, to do such an unintelligent thing like pouring alcohol into my eye socket.  I have completed some college at Penn State and have seen some of the wildest acts of craziness in my life, however, vodka eyeballing takes the cake by far.  I have never witnessed an attempt such as this and hope to never see it attempted in the future.

Performing vodka eyeballing is just a very poor lack of judgment.  Individuals should know better than to risk something as important as their eyesight.  Kevin and Perry Go Large first introduced it to the curious minds of teenagers and is partly to blame, however, they should know better not to poor alcohol into their eyes.


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