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The Doping Epidemic: Now Not Just Corrupting Professional Sports


Throughout recent years, a variety of professional sports have been mortified by the use of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs.  The certain athletes that participate in the use of these drugs are getting caught and some banned from their sport forever.  Unfortunately it is not just themselves and their sport they are hurting. The practice of doping has moved on to high school students and beyond to the general public.  This new trend started by and made popular by professional athletes has now become an epidemic.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the world’s largest anti-doping organization, was created on November 10, 1999 in Lausanne, Switzerland with the intent of ending performance-enhancing drug use in sports.  While the organization has taken on high profile athletes, such as Lance Armstrong, they have not done enough to stop the doping trend from spreading.  The biggest reason is that WADA has not set clear and universally enforced guidelines for countries to abide by.   This has made it easier for coaches and athletes to get around these rules and continue the use of performance enhancing drugs without consequences.   This lack of enforcement on a global level sets a bad example for high school students and coaches, making them think it is ok to use performance-enhancing drugs.

In high schools all around the country, students are starting to use the substances that their professional counterparts are using in the hope to look and feel like their sports “idols”.  Unfortunately, these young athletes have no clue what kind of dangers come along with using performance-enhancing drugs and that taking them is not an honorable way to get ahead of the competition.  Patrick Pate, a camp counselor with a South Carolina Charlotte-based ministry, Soldier’s Camp explains that, “I feel like it’s our job to teach them what is right, teach them to stay on their education and teach them to do things the honorable way, without trying to do any performance enhancement type things.”  The certain young individuals participating in this are obtaining over the counter enhancements like vitamins, energy drinks, and a variety of different supplements, but in no time they will move on to the real stuff which some have already done.  Students just need to be taught more awareness on these issues, to secure the authenticity of the game and more importantly, their own health.

Besides copying their favorite sport starts, students are turning to performance enhancing drugs because they value wining more so then honor and sportsmanship.  Sports are for getting exercise, making friends, and most importantly, having fun.  These values have been lost on this generation that is only concered with being the best and doing anything necessary to get there.  This is not just an idea taking hold of teens and young adults, it was that is poising all sectors of our society.  We see example of this in the financial system as well as politics.

It is extremely troubling that the harmful practice of doping has moved from professional sports to the common man.  WADA needs to continue to tighten its regulations and improve its ability to enforce them, as well as our professional athletes need to become more responsible and better role models.   Taking performance-enhancers might look like a good idea to become “better” and “stronger” or to get ahead of the competition but it most certainly is not.    We need to teach our children the value of fair play and sportsmanship.


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