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DEA Fines Walgreens $80 million for Illegal Handling of Opiates

DEA Fines Walgreens $80 million for Illegal Handling of Opiates

  Walgreens, the nation’s largest pharmacy chain, has agreed to pay $80 million in fines to settle a case  resulting from an extensive DEA investigation involving the illegal sale of opiates. During the course of this investigation, it was discovered that Walgreens had failed to meet regulations for keeping records as well as reporting suspicious activity – ranging from inordinately large pharmaceutical orders to filling prescriptions that were prescribed by a flagged doctor. The DEA believes that … Read entire article »

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Pete Wentz’s Road to Recovery

  Pete Wentz, bassist for the hit band Fall Out Boy, is now in recovery after struggling with anxiety and pill addiction for four years since 2009, after his band took a break and his now ex-wife, Ashlee Simpson called it quits in 2011. The rejuvenated rocker opened up about his personal life and his return to the stage with his band in Rolling Stone‘s May 23rd 2013 issue. When Fall Out Boy took its leave of absence from the music scene in 2009, life became quite challenging for Pete Wentz. He lost his daily purpose of getting up and making music. He began regularly abusing two different prescription medications used primarily for anxiety, Xanax and Klonopin. Wentz revealed: “I was probably physically and mentally addicted. It started from insomnia and anxiety from flying, … Read entire article »

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Lil Wayne’s Seizures Due To Drugs?

  Lil Wayne, one of the most famous and successful rap artists of our time, should be enjoying himself and his upcoming LP release, but instead he is recovering from what is reported to be multiple seizures. This is the second time in six months that the rapper has been hospitalized for seizures; in October, his private jet had to have an emergency landing due to his symptoms. These symptoms are certainly startling, but they may not be inexplicable, especially due to Weezy’s heavy involvement in drugs, which are proven to increase and cause seizures and seizure-like symptoms. Drugs, whether they are prescription narcotics or antiepileptics, can increase the likeliness of seizures. Illicit drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and hallucinogens are proven to cause severe seizures and strokes, especially when they are … Read entire article »

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Drug Overdose Deaths Are On the Rise

Drug Overdose Deaths Are On the Rise

  Referring back to the 2010 National Center for Health Statistics, scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that an astonishing 38,329 people died in the U.S. due to drug overdose.  Sadly this number signifies the 11th consecutive year that the death rate of overdoses has increased, specifically 3.6 percent from 2009 to 2010. Some of the study’s key findings: About 60 percent (16,651) of all fatal overdoses involved pharmaceuticals. Of all the prescription drugs taken, … Read entire article »

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The FDA Asks Ambien and Other Zolpidem Based Drugs to Lower the Dose Levels

  In our stressful, nonstop society, it is no wonder that millions of people suffer from sleep deprivation. The drug zolpidem has been put in many helpful sleep medications, including Ambien, Ambien CR, Zolpimist, and Edluar.  For many years, this has seemed to be an effective approach to sleepless nights followed by bleary-eyed days. However, on January 10, 2013, the FDA issued a warning for Ambien and other zolpidem-based drugs.  They have asked doctors to cut women’s immediate release prescriptions from 10 mg to 5 mg and their extended release from 12.5 mg to 6.25 mg. Why is the FDA asking doctors to reduce prescribed dosages of this supposedly helpful drug, especially for women?  In a laboratory test, doctors found that 10-15 percent of women had enough zolpidem in their systems to be … Read entire article »

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Top Drug-related Stories of 2012

  From face-eating cannibals to disgraced athletes, 2012 was an exciting and tragic year for drug-related news.  Here are the top five stories related to the subject.   1.  Face-Eating Zombie Attack Our first and most delicious story of 2012 happened on May 26th when Rudy Eugene, having suddenly developed a voracious appetite for human flesh, was found under a Miami highway eating another man’s face off.  That man, 65 year-old Ronald Poppo, survived the horrific attack after losing 80 percent of his face to Eugene’s mouth.  Police responded to the attack, immediately taking down Eugene with a hail of gunfire.  At first many people believed that the “zombie-like” killer had committed this tasteless act due to the effects of bath salts but the autopsy report showed that he was just really, really, really … Read entire article »

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  Throughout my abuse of drugs in my addiction I used many different substances, some of which when I ingested enough caused me to blackout.  The worst blackouts occurred when abusing multiple drugs at the same time, which was what I did daily.  Certain combinations caused me to blackout and do things I did not intend on doing before blacking out. Pills and liquor mixed with a lot of marijuana was my favorite mix of drugs, and the worst blackouts happened while taking benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium, and Ativan, or sleeping pills like Ambien, Lunesta, or even Seroquel while drinking.  For me, once I have one substance in my system, I begin taking as many other substances as I could; anything that was available was going to be ingested. The blackouts happened many … Read entire article »

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Benzos: Getting Hooked on Anxiety

  Benzodiazepines are a depressant and are most commonly prescribed for anxiety and, specifically, panic attacks. The four most common ones are Xanax, Ativan, Valium, and Klonopin.  They are all becoming more and more commonly prescribed. I had my first run in with Benzo’s when I was 15.  My friend had been prescribed them for the panic attacks he was having in school.  I remember he had told me he had about thirty 2mg Xanax bars at home in his parents room, since his mom was holding them for safety.  We had planned it out so that he would save up a few as she was giving them to him, so we can each take two together at school.  So the day finally came and we each took two apiece, which were … Read entire article »

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News Alert! Octomom Enters Rehab

  Nadya Suleman (a.k.a. Octomom), the mother of fourteen who made headlines after giving birth to octuplets in January 2009, recently checked into a rehab facility.  Where she is being treated has been yet to be disclosed, but it has been rumored she is staying at Chapman House Treatment Center.  She entered on October 23rd 2012 for addiction to the prescription medication Alprazolam (Xanax), which is used to treat anxiety and panic disorder, and will be in treatment for 28 days.  Under doctor’s orders, Suleman was taking the medication but recently felt she needed help for an impending addiction to them.  Throughout the past couple of years Octomom has taken some pretty big steps in her dwindling career.  She just recently posed nude for a magazine and recorded a porn video, … Read entire article »

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Baby Boomers Aren’t So Groovy Anymore

  During the days when Jimi Hendrix was considered a god, consuming alcohol was legal at 18, hippies ran wild and free, and the world seemed like a never-ending acid trip for the generation of Americans referred to as “Baby Boomers.”  However, their so-called “peace and love” revolution has turned into widespread addiction. In the 1960’s and early 1970’s, most boomers had very little to be concerned about while living a life filled with abundant drug use and copious amounts of sex.  These unfortunate individuals, some of whom seem to be stuck in the past, aren’t quite finished with this kind of lifestyle.  While there are some who have overcome this kind of thinking, seeing that it is not wise to continue living this way, many sadly return to it because they … Read entire article »

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