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  There is nothing more petrifying to a drug addict than a drug test. Just the thought of stopping for a few weeks so I could pass a test would make me cringe. I would always just end up failing the test anyway; I could not abstain from drugs for such an extended period of time. As much as I hated it, the drug test was necessary to remind me of what I was doing to my body. Now that I look back on it, I cannot believe how ridiculous I was in trying to avoid those tests. Watching the political struggle over the topic is even more amusing. For example, a bill was just passed in Tennessee that will require drug testing as a requisite to receive welfare support. Well it … Read entire article »

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  Welfare is a controversial topic regardless of the angle one chooses to focus on.  Finding a balance between helping those in need when they need it most, facilitating independence rather than enabling dependency, and allowing for accountability as a means to assure the taxpaying public that its resources aren’t being allocated or spent frivolously, has been a source of debate among public policy bigwigs, academics, social commentators and activists, and the general public in the United States since colonial times.  A bill passed by the Tennessee state legislature in May 2012 has ignited further debate on the matter.  The bill, known as Senate Bill 2580 and passed by a margin of 73-17, would require potential welfare recipients to undergo drug testing as a condition of receiving assistance if they’re suspected … Read entire article »

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