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Step Nine: Moving from Apologies to Amends

Step Nine: Moving from Apologies to Amends

  I recently started working on my ninth step.  My sponsor and I went over the Twelve and Twelve’s chapter on step 9 and then discussed the importance of the amends process and how they differ from the standard “I’m sorry” apology.  She stressed that I generally should avoid the term “sorry.”  I found that odd at first, because I had thought that essentially was the point of the ninth step, to admit our fault through … Read entire article »

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Alcoholism Does Discriminate

I often overhear in meetings that “alcoholism does not discriminate.”  At first, I took this at face value.  I knew a man who owned a sprawling property complete with mansion, statues, you name it….he went on a three day binge and died after crashing his golf cart.  Simultaneously, you need only go down to skid row to see that alcoholism and addiction thrives among those who cannot cover their basic expenses. At nearly every AA meeting, I see a variety of races, and I know many straight, lesbian, gay, and bisexual recovering addicts and alcoholics.  Judging from personal experience, it seems like alcoholism doesn’t discriminate.  At the same time, when I was writing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ) article, I was struck by how they are considered a … Read entire article »

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