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How I Lost My Seroquel Weight

How I Lost My Seroquel Weight

  When I first arrived for drug rehab, my treatment team decided that I would benefit from a medication called Seroquel.  Although Seroquel is an anti-psychotic medication, it is also used to fight anxiety and cravings associated with drugs and alcohol. I wasn’t given much of a choice whether or not to take the medication, so I went along with it. I was given a very heavy dose and the results were pleasant. Seroquel got me through … Read entire article »

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Addiction Treatment in America throughout History

  Approximately ten percent of the human population is addicted to mind-altering substances. Most of these people cannot stop using on their own and need help. Since the birth of America as a colony, addicts have sought help to stop using through various treatment methods, and some have remained viable for centuries. The first known self-help groups in America were conducted by Native Americans, who had been living on American soil for thousands of years prior to white settlement. Europeans brought a flurry of new ideas, technology, and culture with them to the new world. Unfortunately, these settlers also brought alcohol with them. The introduction of colonists and their alcohol in the lives of Native Americans proved to be devastating. Today, some theories suggest Native American people are genetically susceptible to addiction. … Read entire article »

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“That 70’s Show” Star, Lisa Robin Kelly Dies at 43 in California Rehab

  Lisa Robin Kelly, who starred in the hit comedy series “That 70’s Show,” passed away on August 14, 2013, while staying in a California drug and alcohol rehab facility after battling with alcoholism for several years. She was determined to turn her life around in rehab after being arrested several times in the last few years for DUIs and other charges, but at only 43 years old, the actress reportedly died from a cardiac arrest in her sleep at the rehab facility, although the certainty of her cause of death has not been officially released to the public. In a report by The Daily Beast, Lisa Robin Kelly’s agent, Craig Wyckoff, said that he “…spoke to her on Monday, and she was hopeful and confident, looking forward to putting this part … Read entire article »

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Boston Mayoral Candidate Proposes Recovery Services Office to Treat Addiction

  There are many problems politicians hope to fix when running for office; candidates in all levels of politics hope to make changes that will help solve societal woes. These “fixes” can range from mental health to public transportation and everywhere in between; but we don’t often see candidates harp on the growing problem of substance addiction in our country. That is, except for Martin Walsh, a mayoral candidate in Boston, who is seeking to make it easier for alcoholics and addicts to receive the help they need; he proposes forming an Office of Recovery Services devoted to helping those in need to navigate the system and get treatment (Ryan). For Walsh, this is not only a political move but a very personal quest. Walsh is a recovering alcoholic with 18 years … Read entire article »

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Accepting my Chaos

Accepting my Chaos

  About 14 months ago, in May 2012, I decided to enter a residential treatment center for a variety of emotional issues – extreme emotional dysregulation, chaotic interpersonal relationships, and an unstable sense of self, to name a few. My life before treatment was quite a kerfuffle, and my ability to function in society was dismal at best. While I was aware that I needed the intensive help of acute care, I also did not want … Read entire article »

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Gaining Independence in Recovery

Gaining Independence in Recovery

  This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the 2013 NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) National Convention in San Antonio, Texas. It was my mom’s idea for the two of us to go. She doesn’t have a diagnosed mental disorder, but I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder five years ago, and my family recognized that I was having mental health issues ten years ago. My mom, along with my family, … Read entire article »

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Rihanna to Enter Sex and Love Addiction Treatment Program

  The relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown has been making headlines since 2009, when Brown violently assaulted the ‘Diamonds’ singer. In recent years, the couple have reunited… and most recently, split again. This relationship has reportedly caused the singer enough stress and anxiety to check into a treatment center for Sex and Love Addiction at The Ranch clinic in Tennessee. This program follows the model of a traditional substance abuse rehab, and also includes the 12-step SLAA program. In 2009, Rihanna was brutally beaten by Chris Brown after an altercation. From this point on, her relationship with Brown was ground for public speculation. Rihanna got a restraining order against Brown, but it was rescinded in 2011 (US Weekly). In January 2013, the 2 singers were officially a couple again (TV3). The … Read entire article »

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The Importance of Recognizing and Treating Mental Disorders in Young People

The Importance of Recognizing and Treating Mental Disorders in Young People

  A new report by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concludes that up to 20 percent of kids age 3-17 suffer from a mental disorder.  The report also states that the number of kids diagnosed with a mental disorder has been on the rise for more than a decade.  Dr. Ruth Perou, the lead author of the study, said that “this is a deliberate effort by CDC to show mental health is … Read entire article »

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Enters Treatment Center for Bipolar Disorder

  Dealing with a chronic mental disorder can be extremely debilitating, especially for celebrities who are constantly under public scrutiny. Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones entered a 30-day treatment center on Monday to better manage her bipolar II disorder. According to her publicist Cece Yorke, “Catherine has proactively checked into a health care facility. Catherine has said that she is committed to periodic care in order to manage her health in an optimum manner” (Payne). Zeta-Jones, 43, is currently in between projects and realized it was a good opportunity to evaluate her mental health in treatment, according to an anonymous source (DZurilla). Bipolar disorder is a psychiatrically diagnosed mood disorder characterized by intense mood swings. Those who suffer from bipolar disorder typically experience feelings of mania, or a frenzied state of abnormally elevated mood/irritability, … Read entire article »

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Where’s Home Now?

  Before I got into treatment, I always remember feeling out of place. It didn’t matter where I was, or who I was with—I felt slightly wrong, as though I didn’t belong there. However, when I got into an inpatient treatment, I realized that I felt home, something I didn’t feel in a long time. When it was time for me to leave, I found myself saddened and confused: where is home now? Is it wherever my heart is, wherever I’m being true to myself? Or is it wherever I fall asleep at night? It’s a hard question, and one that I contemplate constantly. If you had asked me a year ago where home was, I would’ve given you my most current address. Obviously that’s home; that’s where I lived. But even … Read entire article »

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