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Inspirational Songs of Recovery for Addiction

  Now, we all know there are no definitive “formal graduation” ceremonies held at rehab and treatment centers.  Sure, it would be great to be handed a diploma assuring oneself of perpetual sobriety and bliss but, alas, we all know this would be just too good to be true and lacks practical application. Yet, I was thinking to myself, if there was a somewhat similar ceremony to simply sit back and reflect upon one’s accomplishments and personal strides made in treatment, how about providing a soundtrack to such good news?  Cheap cookies and fruit punch are great but how about adding some tunes to the somewhat awkward gatherings of patients and their families held from time to time at treatment and recovery centers? It is bad enough to introduce your family to friends … Read entire article »

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The Levels of Treatment

  These steps are listed in the natural order of progression in treatment for addiction. They are not all required but are highly recommended in order to ensure a successful recovery. Level One- Intervention Intervention is not required. However, for many addicts treatment begins with an “intervention”. An intervention is an orchestrated attempt by family and friends to get someone to seek professional help. Professional “interventionists” specializing in drug/alcohol/addiction intervention may be hired by loved ones to intervene upon the addict’s life to coax them into treatment. Parents sometimes utilize these often forceful professionals to take the minor from their custody, even if against the minor’s will, into a drug treatment center. This event may be traumatic for the addict as they are uprooted from their life and relocated. However, traumatic events have … Read entire article »

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Alabama Drug Offenders Getting a Raw Deal

Alabama Drug Offenders Getting a Raw Deal

  This week Cameron Steele wrote an expose about the Alabama judicial system sending drug offenders into uncertified treatment programs.  While I think she may miss the mark by focusing to specifically on an ex-employee of an uncertified rehab and her relapse or ruse (which could happen anywhere), she did hit on a major issue.  The state does not have the capacity to incarcerate the drug offenders and therefore needs to divert them to drug programs, … Read entire article »

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How to get the most out of treatment

  The first time I got into treatment it was just a giant sigh of relief, but now what?  You’re spending a lot of money and want to get your money’s worth.  You’re not working and need to be making money.  The following tips may allow you to avoid some of the major road bumps/pitfalls that tack on time to your treatment experience.  These tips give you a basic outline of how to get the most out of your treatment: Go in with an open mind.  Remember that what you were doing was not working, and that’s why you’re here.  Try this for a while, and if it’s not for you, it’s not for you.  It is worth giving treatment a chance. Do not relapse, do not cheek your pills, do not take … Read entire article »

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Krokodil: the grossest drug on earth

  Krokodil, or a dirty form of desomorphine, a designer drug similar to morphine or heroine that is derived by “cooking” codeine and everyday household substances like iodine, has swept across Russia leaving addicts, injuries, and deaths in its wake. While desomorphine was originally discovered in the United States and was later used in Switzerland , this desomorphine is more pure than codeine-based desomorphine. While the codeine in and of itself is not toxic, the other ingredients like paint thinner and gasoline make the krokodil highly toxic. Users inject the orange desomorphine in their veins. Desomorphine’s effects last approximately an hour and half and it takes approximately thirty minutes to an hour to prepare. Users are often caught in a cycle of continuously producing and using desomorphine so as to avoid … Read entire article »

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Situation In Rehab: The End Of Jersey Shore?

  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, from the hit reality show Jersey Shore, confirmed recently that he had checked into Cirque Lodge, a rehabilitation center in the mountains of Utah, for a substance abuse problem.  Rumors had been going around that Sitch was in fact in rehab but he tried to deny the rumors last Tuesday via Twitter saying, “Don’t believe everything you read and hear”.  The next day he used Twitter to release a new statement saying, “The Situation Wants To Set The Record Straight”.  This was followed by a statement on the young TV stars official website which read,   “I have voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion,” his statement said. “I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem and recuperating … Read entire article »

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Prop 36

  California voters passed Proposition 36, or the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act (SACPA or Prop 36), with a 61% majority in 2000. The proposition gives non-violent drug offenders an opportunity to get drug treatment instead of going straight to jail and likely entering or sustaining a pattern of a rotating door into and out of prisons. While it certainly requires money to fund drug rehabilitation treatment, it simultaneously saves money in the long run. First, it costs $34,000 to send someone to prison for a year, while it costs significantly less to send someone to treatment. Furthermore, it prevents spending on building more prison facilities. Three groups of individuals fall under the jurisdiction of Prop 36: individuals charged with being under the influence or possession, on probation for drug-related charges, … Read entire article »

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The Woes of Crappy Sponsorship

The Woes of Crappy Sponsorship

  I’ve had a sponsor for three or four months now, and I think it’s time to change.  At first it was good; she answered my calls and even called me on occasion.  We met up on a semi-regular basis and seemed to bond.  Lately it is different.  I call her most days, as I’m told by the program you should, and she rarely answers.  I get to talk to her about once a week and … Read entire article »

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How To Hide Cigarette Smoking From Your Parents

How To Hide Cigarette Smoking From Your Parents

  One prominent theme of being in recovery is that nearly everyone smokes cigarettes.  In my current sober living 9/11 girls smoke and most of the staff does, too.  I know my parents wouldn’t be pleased to hear that I smoke.  So how do you hide it?  There are several techniques, but the key is to not overdo anything with a scent.  If you do, it will look like you are hiding something, making parents all … Read entire article »

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So You Need A Treatment Center?

So You Need A Treatment Center?

  Over the last two years I’ve been to six treatment centers, and while I’ve experienced a wide variety of care, I know that there are facilities far worse than the worst I’ve been to.  Not every treatment facility was right for me or will be right for you.  How do you identify and avoid these places?  All of the websites say the same things.  First, if you are feeling suicidal or are still using dangerously, go … Read entire article »

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