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Cell Phone Addiction: A New Epidemic

Cell Phone Addiction: A New Epidemic

Research indicates that 66 percent of people across the United States and Britain suffer from something called nomophobia, which is the fear of being separated from their mobile phones. As the information age develops and matures, unhealthy cell phone behavior continues to grow. Tens of millions of people are literally addicted to their cell phones, especially smartphones, and feel panicked, anxious and afraid when deprived of their devices. Some argue that cell phones, computers, and other high … Read entire article »

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Your Facebook Addiction Can Lead to Poor Self-Esteem

  Countless articles have been written in recent years focusing on the downfalls of social media.  Two recent studies have been published that reiterate the fact that there are major negative consequences to social media. One new study showed that social media can become addictive for many people.  The study polled 1,000 people and asked them about their Facebook usage.  Eighty-five percent of the people said they used Facebook as part of their daily routines.  One-third of the people said they just use Facebook to stay on top of things.  The other two-thirds of the people said they used it in their free time to fill the void of boredom. Twenty-five percent of the people admitted to feeling withdrawal-like symptoms when they cannot log on to Facebook routinely.  An interesting finding—yet predictable if … Read entire article »

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Recovery Apps for iPhones, iPod Touches and Androids

Recovery Apps for iPhones, iPod Touches and Androids

There are many Apps in the marketplace that are recovery related.  Some are free, and some of them will cost you.  Fortunately, there are many free recovery-related apps, most of which I have downloaded and will review here.  Each app is given a rating between one and five stars, five being best.  A list of features is also provided to help you in the selection process. iPromises  * * * / 5 Promises Treatment Centers and … Read entire article »

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The Future of Addiction?

MIT recently came out with a new method of injection: a Hypospray.  The hypospray delivers fluid or powder into the flesh at a rapid speed (nearly the speed of sound) in such a thin stream that there is no pain.  The injection goes through the skin and into the blood stream.  While hyposprays have been around using larger compressed air canisters, this particular hypospray uses magnetic energy to fuel the device (Lee, 2012). MIT’s new hypospray provides more control (Humphries, 2012).  Using the hypospray avoids the risks of nerve damage, potential infection, or blood clots that may result from IVs or shots. While the Star Trek fan community appreciates this invention because it mirrors a piece of technology depicted in the series, as a drug addict I appreciate this invention for different reasons.  … Read entire article »

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Vending Machines… for Prescription Meds?!

Vending machines are very popular when it comes to buying soda, IPODS, Proactive, candy, or toys. Today’s world keeps getting hip with new stuff to put in popular places. With that all being said, a new kind of vending machine is coming. Who would have thought that now instead of waiting in long lines at the local drug store for your prescription pills, you can just walk up to a vending machine and get your drugs from there. These vending machines are just starting up and will be located in a few UK hospitals. MedCentre is the actual name for the prescription vending machine. It will provide patients with a face-to-face video link with a registered pharmacist before dispensing medicines. Users insert their prescriptions into the machines and pick up a … Read entire article »

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