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The Addiction to Technology

The Addiction to Technology

  In this age of rapid technological advances, it isn’t a surprise that many people spend far too much time on social media as well as on technological novelties such as the iPad or tablets. Potentially more surprising is the fact that people are experiencing symptoms similar to those of drug withdrawals when they are separated from their computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. This is a problem, like addiction in general, that affects people … Read entire article »

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Video Game Addiction Affecting Teenage Brains

Video Game Addiction Affecting Teenage Brains

A recent study on adolescents shows that teens who play more than nine hours of video games a week seem to have a larger reward center in the brain than those who play less than nine hours. Although they cannot determine if videogames are the cause of this area in the ventral striatum being larger and more active, there seems to be correlation between this reward center and frequent gaming. This region of the brain … Read entire article »

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Addicted to Facebook

Facebook, a social networking site that was launched February 2004, has more than 500 million active users as of July 2010. The premise of Facebook stems from the book of photos freshman receive during university orientation from administrations to help students get to know each other better. I created my Facebook when I entered college, but it has not become common place for everybody to have one. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends, share events, upload photos, and join networks organized by workplace, school, or college. However, for some, this activity can lead to addiction. Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) has been labeled as a new mental health disorder by psychologists in the United States. Professor Dr. Mohamad Hussain Habil, director of Universiti Malaya Centre of … Read entire article »

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