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My Path to Sobriety and Gratefulness

  After being in rehab for over five months and achieving sobriety, I have finally turned my cell phone back on. However, my old friends and connections back home where I was involved in the drug scene were unaware of this. This is not to say I haven’t been in contact with my friends. I am the type of drug addict who compartmentalizes his addiction. I have some really good friends whom I will always stay in contact with no matter what. On the other hand there has always been another area of friends who I am solely involved with due to drug use.  As much as I try to compartmentalize these two aspects of my life, they occasionally cross paths. This happened today. About thirty minutes ago I received a phone call … Read entire article »

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The Past Meets the Present in My Recovery

The Past Meets the Present in My Recovery

  In recovery, we work hard to acknowledge our past, make peace with it, and move forward. Despite all of our efforts, there are times when our pasts will show up uninvited into our lives. This can be a very jarring experience, because it brings together two very different aspects of our lives: our lives in recovery and our lives in active addiction. We can choose to react to these situations rationally or emotionally; we can … Read entire article »

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Vivitrol Saved Me from Heroin Addiction

Vivitrol Saved Me from Heroin Addiction

  A little over a year ago, I was desperately fighting an addiction to IV use of heroin. My fate seemed bleak. My family members had accepted the reality that at any moment they could receive “the call” — the call that I had overdosed and was dead. I had already overdosed, while using alone one grimly beautiful summer afternoon, but was found in time by my ex-boyfriend to be resuscitated. Many are not so lucky.  … Read entire article »

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Gaining Independence in Recovery

Gaining Independence in Recovery

  This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the 2013 NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) National Convention in San Antonio, Texas. It was my mom’s idea for the two of us to go. She doesn’t have a diagnosed mental disorder, but I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder five years ago, and my family recognized that I was having mental health issues ten years ago. My mom, along with my family, … Read entire article »

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A Recovery Not So Black and White

  In these last three months of sobriety, it has been good for me to cuss, tell dirty jokes, dress immodestly, not go to church, and have casual sex. This is all part of my recovery from substance abuse. Here is why. Over the past few years, I have attempted getting sober a few times, but after a few months of it, I would keep relapsing. This time around, having realized that, if nothing changes then—well—nothing changes. I have made the conscious decision to go about sobriety much differently than I have in the past and, so far, it has made a big and positive difference for me. By nature, I am a perfectionist and also have had a strict religious upbringing, and tend to err on the religiously fanatical side of things. In … Read entire article »

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Leaving the Lifestyle Behind

As most addicts and alcoholics will tell you, getting sober by itself is difficult. Going through the physical detox, feeling crazy because of the mental and physical cravings and a whole host of other things make physically getting off of drugs and alcohol seem impossible to using addicts and alcoholics. I never anticipated that, in addition to leaving drugs behind, I would have to leave the lifestyle that I had grown so used to behind as well. I never imagined how difficult that part of my journey towards sobriety would be, and it has proved to be one of the hardest parts of truly being sober for me. When I was using, I lived a dangerous, unhealthy lifestyle – unsurprisingly. My life was consumed by crime, from dealing drugs to … Read entire article »

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Jesse James Admits Daughter Chandler went to Rehab for Substance Abuse

  Jesse James is addressing the buzz surrounding recently surfaced photographs that depict his 18-year-old daughter, Chandler, inhaling methamphetamine at a party. Chandler checked into a rehab center in April to battle her addiction to several substances; including meth. According to her dad, she is now actively sober, and participating in 12-step programs. Following her dad’s footsteps, I guess: James also revealed that he has been clean and sober for 13 years. The video and photographs that surfaced showed a wired Chandler either snorting or smoking the highly addictive, highly potent drug methamphetamine. Apparently, it was no secret in her Texas hometown that the 18-year-old liked to party hard and get high; going so far as to huff keyboard cleaner to get a high. Thankfully, the teenage daughter of biker icon Jesse … Read entire article »

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Rob Lowe Celebrates 23 Years Sober

  On May 10, 2013, actor Rob Lowe, star of NBC’s popular show, Parks and Recreation, celebrated a huge milestone and shared it with his 634,000 Twitter followers. “Celebrating 23 years sober tonight,” Lowe wrote. “It works if you work it.” Rob Lowe was once the talk of the town back in the late 1980’s, subsequent to a “first of its kind” sex tape scandal featuring the actor and a group of people, in which one of the girls in the group was later exposed to be only 16-years-old. The tape was leaked to the public and caused a media sensation, making Lowe fodder for the entertainment programs and tabloid magazines of the day. Trying to explain his “vulgar” actions, the then 22-year-old Lowe stated that he met the young girl at a … Read entire article »

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Reconnecting With Old Passions

Reconnecting With Old Passions

  When I was younger, before my days of using, I was a passionate person. I was passionate about dancing, about singing, about figure skating. I was passionate about my friendships, and passionate about my family. That all changed when I lost myself to the world of heroin and addiction. The only thing I was passionate about was my drugs, my dealing, and my junkie friends. When I got sober, I felt lost –what did I … Read entire article »

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Macklemore Talks to Rolling Stone about Recent Successes and Sobriety

  Rapper Macklemore speaks candidly about his struggle to stay sober through his recent meteoric rise to top the pop charts and his overnight surge in popularity, in an interview with Rolling Stone that hits newsstands today. As his fame has exploded recently, so has his schedule, which has put a burden on his sobriety. “The last three months haven’t been good for me – the pressure, the expectation, the lack of sleep, the stress, the traveling,” he explains to Rolling Stone. “I can’t escape Macklemore. I just want to get the fuck out of my own head.” The artist also discusses his improbable and challenging journey to commercial success, despite his struggles with substance abuse. Macklemore’s rise has been entirely self-made; he runs his own label, makes his music videos, and … Read entire article »

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