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Mindfulness Meditation and Addiction

Mindfulness Meditation and Addiction

  New research suggests that mindfulness meditation helps people to reduce tobacco use and manage stress, according to scientists Michael Posner and Yi-Yuan Tang. It has long been established that addiction to drugs, alcohol, and even cigarettes involves a specific area of the brain related to self-control. This area, which is located in the fronto-median cortex, has been studied by researchers using brain scans and other brain imaging methods. In a recent study conducted by scientists at … Read entire article »

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Impulsivity a Key Factor in Addiction, Research Shows

Impulsivity a Key Factor in Addiction, Research Shows

  Do you ever find yourself saying it seemed like a good idea at the time? We have all experienced moments where we act on an impulse – a sudden, unpremeditated urge or desire – without thinking logically about the consequences.  Thus, it comes as no surprise then, that impulsivity is often closely associated with the disease of addiction; from its early onset to relapse prevention, and recent neurological research has provided further evidence. In order to … Read entire article »

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Is Smoking Cigarettes Ever Going to Be Cool Again

Is Smoking Cigarettes Ever Going to Be Cool Again

  Smoking cigarettes is one of the leading causes of disease and death in the United States and across the world. There are so many negative health effects of cigarettes that I couldn’t possibly address them all in a single article. People smoke for all different reasons, but usually they just do it to satisfy an addiction. Ever since I completed a lengthy drug recovery program where I started smoking (since I was bored and nearly everybody … Read entire article »

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Kosher Smokes for Passover? Oy Vey!

Kosher Smokes for Passover? Oy Vey!

  Three brands of smokes are now branded “Kosher for Passover” after thorough inspections of local cigarette factories.  Jews that observe the Passover tradition in Israel can now enjoy a “rabbi-approved puff” during the week-long holiday.  The Passover holiday started at sundown last Monday. The website Judaism 101 defines Kashrut as the body of Jewish law dealing with what foods we can and cannot eat and how those foods must be prepared and eaten.  ‘Kashrut’ comes from … Read entire article »

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Marijuana Linked to Stroke in Young People

  While marijuana has long been promoted as one of the more benign recreational drugs, evidence is mounting that this conception may be fallacious. A recent study from the University of Auckland in New Zealand has been presented in Honolulu at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2013 linking marijuana use to stroke in young people. The researchers involved in the study reviewed the urine samples of 160 ischemic stroke/TIA patients between the ages of 18 and 55 (average age: 45) and found that they were more than twice as likely to have smoked marijuana in the recent past as the control group subjects. Ischemic strokes occur when there is an obstruction in a blood vessel supplying oxygen to the brain, while TIAs (transient ischemic attacks), often called “mini strokes,” involve a … Read entire article »

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Electronic Cigarettes Grow in Popularity, Despite Health Concerns

  You may have seen them at the mall, in a movie theater, or in a restaurant.  Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are everywhere these days.  There have been numerous claims that smokeless cigs are a healthy alternative to smoking and that they are useful in combating addiction.  Recently, however, an Italian health minister official said that there is no scientific proof to substantiate those claims, and that they could be very harmful. The e-cigarette is like a hand-held electronic vaporizer, with a reservoir for aroma solution that contains tobacco’s addiction-forming nicotine.  A battery-powered atomizer in the device vaporizes the solution, which contains nicotine, creating a smoke-like vapor that enters the bloodstream via the lungs. Scientists who have studied the electronic cigarette say that the smoke it produces is less toxic than a regular cigarette, … Read entire article »

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Text Messages Are Proving Effective to Aid Quitting

  In recent news, a review of studies published by Cochrane Collaboration shows that text messages are proving helpful to cigarette smokers trying to kick the habit.  The results of this new analysis indicate that, with help from text messages, prospective quitters are doubling their likelihood of success.  Supportive messages sent via text serve as reminders to their recipients of why it’s worth quitting. A total of five studies involving 9,000 people were compiled.  Participants began with an online support system to establish their goals and setting target dates.  Once they started quitting, they received as many as several text messages a day.  Some of the messages were automated, meaning they came from a computer, and contained either motivational messages or quitting advice.  In one of the studies, smokers received links to … Read entire article »

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Why Quitting Smoking is Hard to Do

Millions of cigarette smokers try to quit every year, but most of them make the attempt unsuccessfully. There are various options available for cigarette smokers who are trying to quit.  But we still haven’t figured out why the majority of smokers who are making the effort forgo these options, such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and prescription pills.  It seems that they just try to quit smoking one day, without seeing a doctor. It is possible they are simply unaware that such quitting aids exist. Whatever the case may be, most of them make the attempt relatively unsuccessfully.  Sadly, statistics show that as many as 95 percent of those who make the attempt to quit smoking actually relapse within their first year.  Why is it so hard? Recent research has revealed that when … Read entire article »

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The Smoking Craze among Children in Indonesia

  For the past couple of years, depicted on the ever-growing and popular website YouTube, hundreds of videos have been uploaded of young Asian children smoking cigarettes, puffing them down with a blaze of speed, smiling into the camera, enjoying the hell out of them.  How could this be?  How could parents just sit around and let these (what appear to be) 7 year-old youngsters smoke the proverbial “cancer stick.”  Well it is real, and Indonesia’s children are falling into a habit that is known to be the hardest addiction to kick – harder to kick than any drug, including heroin and alcohol. Sadly, more than 70 percent of Indonesian men over the age of twenty smoke cigarettes today, and where the average age of a male smoker was nineteen years-old more … Read entire article »

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The Ridiculous Epidemic of Smoking Meditation and E-Cigarettes

  It was recently brought to my attention (which I thought was in jest) that a new method for quitting smoking is reigning in a growing number of followers.  Apparently, there is a new ruse out there that doing meditation while smoking increases the benefits of the latter. Look, I’m all for finding useful activities to do while doing one activity.  Multitasking is an essential aspect of life and makes us feel more accomplished and proud of our use of time.  However, I’m not jumping on this ludicrous bandwagon to engage in meditation while one partakes in smoking a cigarette.  People smoke for an endless number of reasons that I’m not about to begin to quantify.  Yet, looking at this new (for lack of a better word) phenomenon, in addition to the … Read entire article »

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