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Top 5 Scariest Drugs on Earth

  It seems that over time the media reports one scary new drug over one scary addiction. Here is our take on the 5 scariest substances out there today. Illicit methamphetamine use has been increasing throughout America since the 1980’s. From production of the drug to its comedown, it devastates users and sometimes entire communities. The production of methamphetamine may be the drug’s scariest aspect. Using highly explosive chemicals, often in tight quarters, meth can be made in any home or trailer. There are countless stories where houses have exploded within residential neighborhoods. Once the drugs are synthesized via dangerous methods, the violent chain of distribution begins. Traffickers are often organized gangs with ferocious reputations. By purchasing methamphetamine one is directly supporting violent-criminal acts.  The methamphetamine user experiences intense mania, paranoia, … Read entire article »

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