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  Recently, there has been a lot of talk around both Tumblr and Pinterest about censorship of self-harm related content. First Tumblr banned images and groups promoting anorexia and bulimia in addition to images that glorify or show self-harm, and shortly thereafter Pinterest followed suit by banning self-harm photos. Following an influx of users promoting eating disorders, Pinterest announced their plan to ban content promoting eating disorders starting this Friday. Facebook has also made efforts to … Read entire article »

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Websites Promoting Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are no joke, and today’s world is working hard on providing resources for getting help with this disorder. As we all know, suffering from bulimia or anorexia can be fatal. That is why there are websites or treatment centers to help. Having resources available online allows the user to be in complete privacy and learn more about the disorder as well as get outside help. Also there are people who turn away from the recovery sites. They go to the pro-eating sites that promote eating disorders. The Internet world classifies these websites as “Pro-Ana” (pro-anorexia) and “Pro-Mia”(pro-bulimia).These websites provide extreme dieting, exercise tips, and dangerous weight loss secrets all designed to help readers look skeletal or be extremely thin. Most of the sites promote “thinspiration”, a term used to … Read entire article »

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