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Philip Seymour Hoffman Back on the Wagon

  The well known actor Philip Seymour Hoffman recently completed a 10-day detox program following a relapse that started with prescription pills and escalated to heroin use. The star formerly had 23 years of sobriety, but what is most important is that he addressed his relapse before it was too bad and that he is clean and sober again. Hoffman checked into a detox facility following a yearlong relapse. He fell off of the wagon by abusing prescription pills and eventually began using heroin. Thankfully, he was only using heroin for about a week before deciding to seek help for his addiction. This rendezvous didn’t take his life, nor did it cost him his job, or any of the other things that we commonly hear accompanying benders. Did it affect his psyche and … Read entire article »

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Pancakes and Syrup…Not a Good Way for Rapper Beanie Sigel to Start off His Morning

Pancakes and Syrup…Not a Good Way for Rapper Beanie Sigel to Start off His Morning

  South Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel, real name Dwight Grant, was sentenced Wednesday in Delaware County court to six to twenty-three months in prison on drug charges stemming from an August arrest. On August 29th, just two weeks before he was scheduled to turn himself in to begin a possible two-year prison sentence for failure to file taxes, Sigel and his friend Gerald Andrews were pulled over and arrested after authorities observed Andrews’ tan Ford Fusion swerving … Read entire article »

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Benzos: Getting Hooked on Anxiety

  Benzodiazepines are a depressant and are most commonly prescribed for anxiety and, specifically, panic attacks. The four most common ones are Xanax, Ativan, Valium, and Klonopin.  They are all becoming more and more commonly prescribed. I had my first run in with Benzo’s when I was 15.  My friend had been prescribed them for the panic attacks he was having in school.  I remember he had told me he had about thirty 2mg Xanax bars at home in his parents room, since his mom was holding them for safety.  We had planned it out so that he would save up a few as she was giving them to him, so we can each take two together at school.  So the day finally came and we each took two apiece, which were … Read entire article »

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Is “The Situation” Still Sober?

  A star of the reality television show Jersey Shore, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, may have been caught slipping this week. Reports were made stating the New York born and New Jersey raised Sorrentino fell off the wagon this week after he was reportedly sighted downing cocktails inside the bar of West Hollywood’s London Hotel. The “Sitch” and his rep denying the reports and insist that he is still eight months sober. Sorrentino first entered a rehabilitation center back in March. “Rehab is the most unbearable, unpleasant experience you could possibly go through” he said.  It was suspected that problems with alcohol lead Sorrentino to seek treatment, but Jersey Shore co-star Angela Pivarnick said she thought that his drug of choice was, in fact, cocaine. Mike maintains that he received treatment for … Read entire article »

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Trying to Understand Why People Abuse Ambien

  I have trouble with the argument made by some people who suggest that abusing Ambien brings about the same sort of “pleasurable high” as other illegal drugs with more noticeable side effects.  I do take a prescription sleeping aid prescribed by my psychiatrist, albeit not in any way in the same class of drug as Ambien. My pill has gradual onset; neither too debilitating nor possessing all-encompassing sleep attributes.  I take it anywhere from an hour or so before bed and find myself yawning softly while still having the wherewithal to get into bed and recollect and reflect on my day and thoughts before I slowly drift off to sleep.  Yet, as I read about Ambien addicts, the “high” of their sleeping medication is entirely different. From the articles I have read, … Read entire article »

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The Marine Corps Attends to Prescription Drug Abuse

The Marine Corps Attends to Prescription Drug Abuse

  Among the individuals struggling with the disease of addiction, Marines are not out of its grasp.  Like anyone else, they deal with the same issues such as mental disorders, including anxiety, and depression, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  Most of the time they visit the doctor who prescribes them medication to help them better deal with these issues; unfortunately some of them become addicted to the drugs, subsequently ending their career, or destroying their … Read entire article »

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Opiate Detox

Opiate Detox

When you are a heroin addict, withdrawal is just a part of everyday life.  When you start to feel sick you pick up the phone and call your dealer, you score, and you get well.  In that moment nothing else matters.  For me, the spiritual prison called heroin addiction was a daily struggle to feel normal, not high, and every day I wished I could stop but the fear of detox kept me using.  However, … Read entire article »

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More American’s Overdosing on Painkillers than Illegal Drugs

Americans are dropping like flies due to overdoses on prescription drugs. A gruesome number of 120,000 Americans visited the emergency room after overdosing on opioid painkillers. This number is much higher than the overdoses on heroin or other illegal drugs. In the past years, overdoses were due to illegal drugs, like heroin, with a big death toll in major big cities. The bigger problem is now prescription painkillers are overruling heroin and cocaine and are the leading cause of fatal overdoses. Whether it is joint relief, back pain, weight loss or something to take the edge off, Americans are looking at painkillers to help cope with these problems. Another major factor in the overdosing is the feelings people undergo. The feelings of being depressed, stressed, and lonely are main factors to … Read entire article »

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Washington State Enforces New Rules for Prescribing Painkillers

The New York Times is reporting that Washington State is apparently the first in the country to develop regulations to prevent doctors from prescribing dangerously high doses of painkillers. NYT writes, “The effort, in Washington State, represents the most sweeping attempt yet to stem what some experts see as the excessive use of prescribed narcotics, and it is being closely watched by medical professionals elsewhere. Among other things, Washington would apparently become the first state that would require a doctor to refer patients on escalating doses of pain killers for evaluation if they were not improving.” In Washington, prescription drug overdoses have become an epidemic, surpassing motor vehicle crashes among people ages 35-45. Experts in pain treatment and drug abuse prevention say the growing use of long-acting pain killers like OxyCotin, … Read entire article »

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Drugging and Driving on the Rise

What level of drugs impairs ones driving abilities? As of right now there is no set limit on the amount of substances in a person’s blood system that has a defined line between a legal and illegal amount while driving. With no set limit how can a person involved in an accident be convicted? One such case that challenges this question would be one resulting in a fatality. Kathryn Underdown was hit by a car while riding her bicycle. The car had not stopped until it had crashed into another vehicle after hitting Kathryn. While interviewing with investigators the driver could not keep her eyes open, and her speech was slow and slurred. The driver said she had not been drinking but it was said she had … Read entire article »

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