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ADHD and Iron Deficiency in Children

ADHD and Iron Deficiency in Children

  There are over 6 million children (11% of the child population) in the United States that have been diagnosed with ADHD, and the numbers of diagnoses are continuing to rise.  While the causes of ADHD are not fully understood, it is believed that the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine may play a large role.  Both neurotransmitters contribute to maintaining alertness, increasing focus, and sustaining thought, effort, and motivation (Hunt).  The biosynthesis of norepinephrine requires dopamine, and … Read entire article »

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Fat and Sugar Addiction Similar to Drug Addiction

  Binging on unlimited quantities of food that are high in fat and sugar for only six weeks then returning to a more balanced diet is enough to cause anxiety, intense cravings, and other withdrawal-like symptoms in mice. There have been numerous studies in the past decade on the addictive nature of junk foods.  A new study conducted by Stephanie Fulton, a neuroscientist at the University of Montreal, adds to this research on sugar and fat addictions. Some of the first studies on food addiction suggested simply that, when sugar is taken away from rodents, the rodents go through withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and tremors.  Additional studies found that those symptoms accompany changes in dopamine and opioid systems in the brain, two types of neurotransmitters that are involved in cravings and withdrawal.  … Read entire article »

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The Importance of Outside Issues

  Sometimes I hear individuals at Alcoholics Anonymous speak about their desire to keep outside issues separate from their meetings.  The term, “outside issues,” may be used to refer to several different things.  Sometimes individuals using the term mean that others should limit their shares to discussing their addictions to alcohol.  This is founded on the belief that if an individual struggles with an addiction to a substance other than alcohol, he or she should find a more appropriate 12-step fellowship like Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous. Alternatively, outside issues may refer more broadly to any subject not pertaining specifically to alcoholism (i.e., eating disorders or mental illnesses).  While I understand that individuals go to Alcoholics Anonymous for the feeling of likeness and fellowship, I believe that by making that distinction and … Read entire article »

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Physical Education for You in Sobriety

Physical Education for You in Sobriety

  Quitting drugs or alcohol is one of the most challenging prospects a person can face.  For those who are embarking on a new life of sobriety, it may seem a marathon-like event.  Running from drugs takes us on a journey that is, in fact, far longer than a 26.2 mile race.  This event lasts for the rest of our lives. Many of those who experience the withdrawals associated with ending drug use encounter depression.  There is … Read entire article »

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