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Recovery without God

Recovery without God

  A recent study performed by Harvard University’s McLean Hospital looking into the recovery process concludes that “faith in God positively influences treatment for individuals with psychiatric illness.”  While the belief in a God, often euphemized as “Higher Power” in many mental health and addiction recovery communities, is promoted heavily especially in 12-step programs, it is not for everyone and recovery is possible without this approach.  I prefer a more personalized approach based on self-empowerment and … Read entire article »

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Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

  During the last nine months of my recovery, I have attended nearly two-hundred 12-step meetings and sober events, each featuring people who speak about their past experiences of using and abusing drugs until they hit their bottom. It is true that all of us in recovery have hit a “bottom” – a low point when we think that things can’t get any worse. Although we all have a bottom, some of us descend further into … Read entire article »

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What to do if You Can’t Afford Psychotherapy

What to do if You Can’t Afford Psychotherapy

  I often hear people say that they are hopeless because they cannot afford the cost of therapy – yet they desperately need the help. If you are stuck in a major slump, the last thing you want to worry about is how to get the money to cover the cost of treatment. Fortunately, there are many ways to get the help you need – therapist or not. Before you give up on the idea of getting … Read entire article »

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Bewitched By The Needle

  There have been untold numbers of articles written about how using drugs intravenously can cause an addiction to go from bad to worse, and I can definitely attest to that.  However, I experienced something much more than a full-blown drug addiction when I started shooting up at the age of seventeen.  Being introduced to the world of needles caused an intense mental addiction to the act of putting a needle in my veins, no matter what substance was in the syringe itself. My drug addiction started quite early and I was on and running from the start. I was fourteen years-old when I had my first drug experience with cocaine, which I kept in my Catholic High School locker room and snorted with a peer.  A couple of skeletal lines and … Read entire article »

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Learning to Detach

  I read from Touchstones daily.  It is a book of daily meditations for men in recovery.  Normally I find it hard to relate to the readings.  In fact, not relating to the readings has made me feel very insecure about my sobriety and my program in the past.  Today’s reading (featured at the bottom of this page) was very relevant to where I am at in my life today, at this very moment.  It really hit close to home for me. Today’s reading was all about detachment. Detaching, for me, has been quite the struggle.  I find it very interesting that the synonym used in the dictionary for the word “detachment” is separation.  You see, I am a crystal meth addict who became addicted to heroin because my best friend was.  In … Read entire article »

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Moderation vs. Abstinence: No Clear Consensus Among Drug Counselors

  According to a significant number of addiction counselors, it is acceptable for their substance abuse patients to have an occasional drink, whether it is part of an intermediate recovery goal or final treatment goal. In a new study published by the American Psychological Association, experts questioned over 900 individuals from the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Counselors.  The participants were located all over the United States.  Half of them thought that it was acceptable for some of their alcohol abuse patients to moderate their alcohol intake, known as controlled drinking, rather than give up drinking entirely. Similarly, they were asked if moderate drug use was acceptable for drug abuse clients.  Approximately 50 percent said they thought it was okay as an intermediate goal and one-third believed it was okay for … Read entire article »

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Finding The Meetings That Fit You

  When I first entered recovery, I was able to go to a twelve-step meeting almost every night.  After a month, I moved to a Los Angeles- area sober living house, where they insisted that we attend one meeting every day for ninety days.  At first I felt this was impossible and unfair, but then I realized it was for our own good. After going to well over one-hundred AA and NA meetings during my first four months in recovery, my therapist suggested that I attend some different kinds of meetings.  She suggested I attend some Marijuana Anonymous meetings, because my drug of choice is marijuana.  I had only been going to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings because that is where the rehab had taken us and that there are many … Read entire article »

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NA’s Touch Might Get You High But Its a Healthy One

  Holding hands has long been associated with romantic companionship, solidarity, and showing moral and emotional support for a friend in need.  A study completed in 2006 by James A. Coan, associate professor of psychology at Virginia University, and his colleagues has shown that the effect of hand-holding and other physical forms of affection, including hugging, can elicit effects similar to those produced by an opiate high. The study was conducted on fifteen married women who reported high quality marriages.  The women were put into an fMRI scanner and shown cues on a screen before an electrical shock was administered to their ankles.  During some of the trials no shock was administered.  Their anxiety levels were then measured and, as expected, were shown to increase each time a cue was given.  When … Read entire article »

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Taking Direction

  Taking direction is supposed to be a big part of recovery.  Lots of addicts don’t know how to stay clean so they have to be taught by the people who came before them and have more experience staying clean.  Finding these people to take direction from is easy if you want to get help.  They are at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous, and so on.  As long as they have been clean for a while and know at least a little bit about staying clean they can guild you through the steps and give you healthy direction in your life.  Finding a sponsor something that is suggested by other addicts and alcoholics as a means to maintain sobriety over the long run, and I have found having … Read entire article »

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Loneliness and the Holidays

Loneliness and the Holidays

  Why does it always seem that loneliness increases tenfold come the holiday season?  When friends, family and loved ones are brought together, one would assume that the ensuing conversations, parties, dinners, and celebrations would somehow alleviate the growing feeling of loneliness in one’s gut. However, as any person who feels continually lonely will tell you, surrounding oneself with distractions is not a surefire recipe to escape feelings of isolation.  During the holidays, we as … Read entire article »

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