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Burroughs: A Pioneer in How We Perceive Addiction Today

  The “Beat Generation” often describes a group of Avant-garde American writers and poets who first gained distinction in the 1950’s post-World War II era, but also can refer to the broader social counter-culture movement that was glorified by their literature. The most well-known beat writers include William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch (1959), Jack Kerouac, On The Road (1957), Alan Ginsberg, Howl (1956). The movement grew from bohemian artist communities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City’s Greenwich Village. The Beats favored a dress code that shunned materialism. They used slang adopted from jazz musicians and sought to be apolitical in their art. Aside from being non-conformist with fashion, sexuality, and religion, they favored substances that would increase sensory awareness – experimenting with all drug types, including opiates and hallucinogens. In Burroughs’s … Read entire article »

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A Pain Medication as Potent as Morphine without the Risk of Dependence?

A Pain Medication as Potent as Morphine without the Risk of Dependence?

  The need for prescription opiate medication (pain medication), such as morphine, may arise for just about anyone.  For most, it serves it purpose post-surgery or post-injury, but for some it is the start to addiction and dependence, and for others, specifically addicts in recovery, it can be the cause of a terrible period of relapse.  Some addicts in recovery, so afraid of the potential danger in opiate therapy, harrowingly opt to treat severe pain post-surgery … Read entire article »

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Oxytocin a Promising Alternative for Heavy Narcotic Withdrawals

Oxytocin a Promising Alternative for Heavy Narcotic Withdrawals

  Drug companies and treatment facilities are constantly finding new and ground-breaking uses for the astonishing hormone oxytocin. We already know about the potential that the drug has to increase functionality in children and adults who suffer from Autism, but recently, new studies are proving that the hormone also shows signs of helping suffering addicts from withdrawal symptoms and addictive cravings. In one study conducted at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Center of Harvard Medical … Read entire article »

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The Economics of Gelling Agents in Drugs

The Economics of Gelling Agents in Drugs

  Before I did heroin, I was all about the pharmaceutical opiates: Oxycontin, Opana, Methadone, Morphine, and Dilaudid- just to name a few.  I always knew what I was taking, what amount, and never had to worry about what sort of mystery cuts were added to the drug (you know, running the risk of shooting up rat poison, or worse).  Not to mention, there has always been a negative stigma attached to heroin.  It’s “dirty”. … Read entire article »

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Exotic Frog Drug Boosting Racing Horse’s Performance

Exotic Frog Drug Boosting Racing Horse’s Performance

  Phyllomedusa sauvagii a frog native to South America, commonly known as the waxy monkey tree frog, produces a poison used as its defense mechanism, and racing regulators have just recently discovered, post-race, that some race horse trainers had been giving this toxin to their horses, using its properties as a performance enhancing painkiller, dermorphin, increasing their speed. Leading to this surprising discovery, officials heard rumors of certain trainers using the toxin as a drug for … Read entire article »

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  The rise of prescription drug related deaths in teens was inevitable – pulsing its way through many areas of the country, far reaching into even the smallest town parishes of the South. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention performed a 2009 study; results uncovered that nearly one in five high school students have abused prescription drugs at least once during their lifetime.  The sheer accessibility and false sense of security among teens that prescription drugs are far less harmful than so called “street drugs” such as marijuana, cocaine and even heroine, has ravaged many lives. Overdose rates have doubled in over 23 states, therefore increasing by less than one-third in the Northeast and West regions.  With the alarming increase of pill abuse, the South and Midwest regions have more … Read entire article »

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Possible New JFAA Fellowship – Junk Food Addicts Anonymous?

We all know bacon drenched in gravy and a side of biscuits probably isn’t your healthiest breakfast choice. However, when we bought the container of bacon at our local Stop ‘n Shop, would we have thought twice about buying it if the package had contained a warning indicating the addictive potential of the bacon? Scientists’ emerging research shows a parallel between the brain’s reactions that occur with substances such as morphine, cocaine and heroin and reactions that occur with junk food such as candy, chips, sodas, fast foods — anything that tastes really, really delicious and releases dopamine in the brain upon consumption. Scientists used rats to study affects on the brain when junk food such as icing, chocolate, and sausage were eaten. The rat’s resulting brain were almost duplicates … Read entire article »

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Washington State Enforces New Rules for Prescribing Painkillers

The New York Times is reporting that Washington State is apparently the first in the country to develop regulations to prevent doctors from prescribing dangerously high doses of painkillers. NYT writes, “The effort, in Washington State, represents the most sweeping attempt yet to stem what some experts see as the excessive use of prescribed narcotics, and it is being closely watched by medical professionals elsewhere. Among other things, Washington would apparently become the first state that would require a doctor to refer patients on escalating doses of pain killers for evaluation if they were not improving.” In Washington, prescription drug overdoses have become an epidemic, surpassing motor vehicle crashes among people ages 35-45. Experts in pain treatment and drug abuse prevention say the growing use of long-acting pain killers like OxyCotin, … Read entire article »

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