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Women More Likely to Develop Mental Health Problems, According to Study

Women More Likely to Develop Mental Health Problems, According to Study

  Women are more likely to develop mental health problems, according to a study by Professor Daniel Freeman of Oxford University. The findings of the study, which is based on data from other epidemiological studies from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, present significant ramifications for public health. According to Freeman’s study, women are almost 75% more likely than their male counterparts to report recent difficulties with depression and about 60% are more … Read entire article »

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The Impact of Smoking and Heavy Drinking on the Brain

  If you are old enough to read this article, you probably know someone who consumes alcohol on a regular basis. In fact, statistics from the National Institutes of Health show that about 29 percent of women and 43 percent of men reported binge drinking in the last year. You probably know someone who smokes too, as nearly 20 percent of Americans do so. Maybe you even know someone smokes and drinks. If you know such a person and care enough, you should call this article to their attention. It may help to save them, as their cognitive function may be in danger. Recent research has revealed that both smoking and drinking alcohol is combination is especially harmful to the cognitive function of the brain. These two behaviors are each known to … Read entire article »

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Nervousness, Anxiety Can Hinder Men and Women in Job Interviews

Nervousness, Anxiety Can Hinder Men and Women in Job Interviews

  New research out of the University of Guelph suggests that people who suffer from anxiety may do poorly during job interviews. And if that weren’t bad enough, get this: Men have more trouble than women. It is not uncommon to experience anxiety in the period leading up to and during an actual interview, according to research professor Dr. Deborah Powell. Powell, who led the study, said there are several theories that could explain the results. Anxiety often … Read entire article »

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AA Benefits Men and Women Differently

  New research suggests that there are differences in the ways that participation in Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) helps men and women to stay sober. Two researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital discovered that even though different factors of AA are helpful to those who attend the meetings, these factors effect men and women differently.  For example, men benefited more from avoiding social situations where drinking was prevalent and avoiding companions who encourage drinking.  For women, increased self-confidence in the ability to not drink while feeling sad, depressed, or anxious appeared to be more important for women. It is important to realize that both men and women benefit from AA.  It seems fair to say that they both benefit equally from being a part of the AA club.  However, “some of the ways in which they … Read entire article »

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Feminism within Recovery

Feminism within Recovery

  I had a lot of trauma when I came into the rooms, and I had been one of those girls who didn’t really have female friends – or at least any I didn’t hook up with towards the end. I don’t really know what that says about me.  I was overwhelmed, and women scared me.  I felt like they could see me too clearly and would attack once they saw my weakness.  When I was five … Read entire article »

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