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Bill W. and LSD: Taking a Trip, Not Taking a Trip

  If you see the 12-steps as simply means to get sober, or find happiness, you’re going to be disappointed.  Sobriety, obviously, is a vital factor, and happiness is a byproduct, but the purpose of the 12-steps is to bring about a spiritual experience, or awakening, inducing a psychic change pervasive enough that it ultimately works to diminish one’s obsession with self – the ego.  Ego, as I am using it, is to represent that self-centered, selfish, self-worshipping, infantile part of each alcoholic, of each human, that turns his self-importance into spiritually-isolating self-destruction.  In his paper The Ego Factors in Surrender in Alcoholism, Harry Tiebout, M.D. writes, “it is the ego which is the arch-enemy of sobriety, and it is the ego which must be disposed of if the individual is … Read entire article »

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Top Ten Drug Culture Myths

  Drugs have been around for as long as man.  As such there have been many myths and urban legends thrown around.  Here is a list of the Top Ten drug myths we could think of.  Feel free to add your own. Myth #1 Myth:  Pot isn’t as bad for you as cigarettes. Fact:  Marijuana smoke has more cancer-causing chemicals in it than tobacco.   Myth #2 Myth:  Coating your stomach with a greasy or milky solution will slow the absorption of alcohol and keep a person from getting drunk or sick. Fact:  The stomach cannot be “coated” to prevent alcohol absorption.  However, individuals are encouraged to eat foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins before consuming alcohol because this reduces the amount of alcohol that is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the mucous membrane lining of the … Read entire article »

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Top Celebrities That Are Sober Now

  Russell Brand From his pot and acid to crack and heroin days, the British actor is now delighting us with countless comedy flicks all due to his sobriety since 2003.  He stated, “Staying sober is a daily challenge.  It’s much more about not getting resentful about things.  Really, it’s a spiritual thing. It’s accepting that however important you think your problems are, you play a part in those problems. And probably one of the things you should look at is not being so self-involved.”   Anthony Hopkins Since a morning in 1975 when he woke up in Arizona with no concept of how he got there, Hopkins, one of the world’s most renowned and much-admired actors of our time has stayed sober.  He struggled with alcoholism for many years beginning in the mid-1960s and … Read entire article »

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The Hippie Movement, Electronic Dance Music and Addiction

  Though the “Peace and Love” counterculture of the 1960s had a definite affinity for drug use‘ (particularly marijuana and psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline), much of the movement was rooted in the struggle for civil rights and ending the Vietnam War. The era’s popular music was in clear harmony with its generation’s ideals, and artists such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan used their music as a form of activism. There was a spirit of unity among much of the youth at this time, and a fierce rejection of the delusional contentment pervasive in the previous decade.  The era was more than free-spirits versus prudes.  There was a visionary youth in this time, bonded by optimism and an enlightened fervor.  They challenged the socially (and legally) sanctioned discrimination of … Read entire article »

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Bewitched By The Needle

  There have been untold numbers of articles written about how using drugs intravenously can cause an addiction to go from bad to worse, and I can definitely attest to that.  However, I experienced something much more than a full-blown drug addiction when I started shooting up at the age of seventeen.  Being introduced to the world of needles caused an intense mental addiction to the act of putting a needle in my veins, no matter what substance was in the syringe itself. My drug addiction started quite early and I was on and running from the start. I was fourteen years-old when I had my first drug experience with cocaine, which I kept in my Catholic High School locker room and snorted with a peer.  A couple of skeletal lines and … Read entire article »

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A History of Presidential Drug Abuse

  The history of our presidents and past presidential candidates illustrates a common vein enmeshed with both occasional and habitual drug use.   In the continuum from our early presidents’ use and economic means of production to recent presidents’ admissions of habitual abuse, drug addiction has a prominent place in the histories of those who have occupied the Oval Office.  Social implications notwithstanding, our presidents have both manufactured and used drugs in very much the same manner addicts of all ages partake in drug use: to cope with stress, strife, and struggle in daily life. Our Founding Fathers represent among the first instances of drug use in the United States.  Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were purveyors of the use of hemp as a means to an economic end as well as … Read entire article »

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The James Holmes Story – Batman Massacre

  Tragedy struck July 20th when James Holmes, 24, a former doctoral student at the University of Colorado, shot and killed twelve people and wounded another fifty-eight at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises, at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Holmes, a very bright student at the University of Colorado, managing to partake in classes created only for advanced students in the field of science—specifically biology—failed a first year exam and subsequently dropped out of the university, which may have played a role in his decision to perpetrate the mass killings. His attack on the victims was reportedly planned for months before it actually happened.  The killer came into the theater, walked out on the screening in the middle of the showing to retrieve the weapons he had stored in his … Read entire article »

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The Adverse Effects of LSD

The Adverse Effects of LSD

  The death of veteran actor Richard Lynch at age 76 has shined a spotlight on one of the distinct features that made him a favorite of horror and science fiction film connoisseurs the world over.  The facial scars that became his signature were the result of a horrific—and self-inflicted—act of LSD-induced violence.  On 28 June 1967, while under the influence of LSD, Lynch doused himself with a half-gallon of gasoline and set himself ablaze … Read entire article »

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Drug Induced Zombie Outbreak?

Drug Induced Zombie Outbreak?

As a child, one of my deepest fears was the possible impending doom brought upon by a zombie apocalypse. One was even called “Miami Zombie”, and after those two words I was prepared to strategically locate knives throughout my home. Obviously I was overreacting to the situation, and that there really was not a vast horde of flesh eating undead coming to break my door in. Nevertheless, the story is still just as disturbing, and … Read entire article »

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Taking a Trip with Bill Wilson

  One of the most controversial topics in AA has to be the use of psychedelics as an aid in recovery. It’s hard to even broach the issue with any committed 12-Stepper; when I have raised the topic, many become very closed-off, even bitter. It’s as if I’m in a cult, insinuating something unsavory about our leader. I find this reaction bizarre, as it is never my intention to spread any sort of agenda. I’m very intrigued by the topic, but my personal opinion remains unformed. After doing some research outside of AA, I learned that Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, did in fact experiment with LSD between 1956 and 1959. He spoke fondly of his experiences, and believed that LSD could help deflate the ego of struggling alcoholics, and ultimately, … Read entire article »

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