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Michael Lohan’s Real Addiction: FAME

  In the age of reality television and internet superstars, our society is no stranger to the verbal diarrhea of attention seekers and fame mongers. Michael Lohan, is a notorious example. The father of troubled star Lindsay Lohan is best known for his role of meddling dad and soap box sultan. Ever since his daughter rose to fame in the early 2000’s he’s been there every step of the way, offering his insight on drug addiction and “his side of the story”. Look, I don’t personally know Michael Lohan, he may be a nice guy, but his actions to me show some rather unsavory motives. According to a recent interview on The Fix, Michael Lohan completed a stint on VHI’s Celebrity Rehab where he claimed he was being treated for his codependency … Read entire article »

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Lindsay Lohan Goes to Jail… AGAIN!

Once again, Lindsay Lohan does not want to listen or even play it safe. Since she has been released from her luxurious time at jail or her super sweet time in rehab, she has not managed to pull it together. She failed two drug tests already and came up positive for cocaine and amphetamines. Wow Lindsay, this is no surprise to anyone, I knew you couldn’t keep your nose out of the powder. Obviously Lindsay has the attitude of ‘I don’t give a f*ck! ’ What surprises me most is Lindsay is in her early adulthood already has picked up numerous amounts of court hearings and treatment centers, yet she doesn’t seem to want to take a hold of her own life. As a recovering alcoholic myself, I see myself in … Read entire article »

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Lindsay May Get Out Early

Lindsay May Get Out Early

Shocker, Lindsay Lohan may be released early from her stint at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Hospital. Although doctors have not written their final report, sources say Lindsay could be released as early as this week. It’s been reported that UCLA doctors overestimated her psychiatric problems. There were indications that Lindsay suffered from bipolar disorder but that is not the case. In addition, the doctors do not believe her drug use is as severe as they thought. Lindsay had … Read entire article »

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Addicted to Ambien

Celebrities, they’re just like us; they play with their kids at Disneyland, they carry their groceries to their car, they take Ambien to go to sleep? Ambien is a sleep aid to help treat insomnia. Just like any other drug, it has side effects; confusion, depression, memory problems and habit forming. The drug has been advertised ample times in the news as being used by celebrities. It has been said that Tiger Woods’s supposed mistress, Rachel Uchitel, is heading to “Celebrity Rehab” to try and overcome her addiction to Ambien, which she allegedly shared with the professional golfer. While serving her 90 day sentence in jail, Lindsay Lohan is permitted to take the drug. An email between Tiger and Rachel has been found by Radar Online that talks … Read entire article »

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Locked Up But Not Loaded: Sober Inside The Lynwood Correctional Facility

Locked Up But Not Loaded: Sober Inside The Lynwood Correctional Facility

A couple of years ago, on a steady diet of booze and sedatives, waking up in my car with pee all over me and the seat, I would have laughed in disbelief at the thought that one day I would have to clean up the wreckage of my alcohol and drug abuse. I choose drugs over everything and everybody. I was reckless. The scariest part came when I unconsciously chose drugs over life itself, … Read entire article »

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Do Celebrities Get Preferential Treatment in Jail?

  Although jail is definitely not a spa and does not include pampering, celebrities still get preferential treatment. When Paris Hilton went to jail she was allowed her cell phone for certain hours out of the day in her private cell but still managed to complain about the food she was fed (the food she was fed was not even jail food). When Hilton was released she made a statement to the press that jail had changed her life. She said she meditated while reading Ekchart Tolle books and had decided to help humanity by doing service work for less fortunate children. I have still yet to see any of this progress on her behalf. Of course the main story today is Lindsay Lohan’s stint in the joint. She is sentenced to 3 … Read entire article »

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Lindsay Lohan, An Addict Like the Rest of Us

Lindsay Lohan is a well known name. In the beginning she was known as the cute kid from Disney’s The Parent Trap. Now Lindsay Lohan is a household name for what not to become. All we addicts and alcoholics know exactly this case, yet only our neighbors are aware of our dirty laundry. But Lohan’s case, the entire world-wide population know the sordid details of her private life. As all of us know, Lindsay Lohan obviously suffers from addiction. I do kind of feel bad that she has to wear a SCRAM bracelet which goes off whenever alcohol is consumed because she isn’t allowed to get sober on her own accord. From court-dates to pictures of a woman passed out, a lot of people are judging … Read entire article »

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