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Pope Francis Takes Firm Stance against Drug Legalization

  Pope Francis took the opportunity to speak out against the legalization of drugs while on a landmark trip to Brazil in July. During Francis’ first trip to back to South America, where he is from, the Pope urged regional leaders to take a firm stance against drug legalization plans in Latin America. Pope Francis denounced the illegal drug trade as well, condemning drug dealers and drug traffickers. “How many dealers of death there are that follow the logic of money and power at any cost! The scourge of drug trafficking, that favors violence and sows the seeds of suffering and death, requires of society as a whole an act of courage,” he said. He also urged people to overcome the roots of the drug epidemic while on the third day of his … Read entire article »

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Why the War on Drugs Is a Joke

  Whether the powers that be choose to ignore or confront it, the fact is that drugs will be sold, bought and used for as long as civilization stands. In a country where an individual is free to do nearly anything he pleases, so long as his actions do not harm another or their property, it is perplexing to think that he may not experiment with or use certain mind-altering substances. The argument that drugs are dangerous or addictive does not hold any weight nor has it dissuaded millions of drug users from abstaining. You are free to drink alcohol until your liver fails, smoke cigarettes until your lungs corrode, eat fast food until your heart explodes and spend your money on worthless products that advertisers promise will bring us more … Read entire article »

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Marijuana isn’t so Green

Marijuana isn’t so Green

  Hippies love marijuana and the environment, right?  Marijuana and the environment kind of go together: mother earth providing an amazing plant that makes hippies feel amazing.  Marijuana is literally green so it is also metaphorically green, too.  Well, it turns out that mother earth may not love the means of marijuana production anymore.  Marijuana production leads to environmental degradation when grown indoors, in greenhouses, and sometimes outdoors. First, indoor weed production in the United States accounts … Read entire article »

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  I have always had a personal issue with the legalization of marijuana. It has nothing to do with the political side of it, nor the medical benefits. I always felt like the issue was simply used to justify smoking. There is a fine line between wanting weed decriminalized for medical reasons and for recreational use. It is cool if you want it legalized to get high, just do not use the medicinal properties of the herb as a defense for using. I did not need an excuse to get loaded; I could care less if it was legalized. The only reason I got high was for a reprieve in respect to life, therefore I have zero motivation to talk about what good the substance could do for the world. I used … Read entire article »

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