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Can Kids Be Too Religious? Obsessive Behavior May Signify Mental Illness

  One of the roles of parents is to encourage healthy, positive activities in the lives of their children.  Many parents of religious children will encourage their children to partake in religious activity, whether as part of family tradition or because they believe that it brings comfort and improves the overall well-being of the child.  Unfortunately, not all religious activity is healthy, as hyper-religiosity may be a sign of a deeper mental illness issue.  “[Hyper-religiosity] looks positive but could be negative,” says Stephanie Mihalas, a UCLA professor and licensed clinical psychologist (Russo). According to Dr. Patrick Fagan of the Heritage Foundation, practicing religion promotes the well-being of individuals, families, and even the community.  Religion can be a positive force in the lives of both children and adults, according to Dr. Bill Hathaway, … Read entire article »

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Drugs Replacing the Drink?

Drugs Replacing the Drink?

My father has told me stories of when the drinking age was eighteen…once upon a time back in the seventies and situations in movies like Dazed and Confused, where they had trunk loads of ice cold beer, and driving drunk was a regular affair.  Times were different back then and drinking was more acceptable in our society and the guidelines were less strict.  In our culture today, our government takes drinking offenses to the next … Read entire article »

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What about the Kids!!

What about the Kids!!

A study examined over 800 kids, ages 10 to 24, to compare the influence of delinquency behavior in late childhood development between low and middle income families. The study found that financial status does play a role in delinquency problems: crime, alcohol use disorders and risky sex behaviors; and an early intervention for an adolescent may help avoid such problems. Teens that came from a low income background were two times more likely to participate in … Read entire article »

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Alcohol Being Advertised in Kids Magazines

According to a new study, young Americans’ exposure to alcohol ads in magazines declined 48% between 2001 and 2008. An analysis of magazine ads found that 325 alcohol brands advertised in 2008. 16 of the brands accounted for half the ads placed in publications that were more likely to be seen by teens than adults. Magazines serve as a major source of advertising for alcohol companies. In 2008 it was found that 78% of alcohol advertisements occurred in publications more likely to be read by people ages from 12-20 than by those who are 21 or older. David H. Jernijan, director of the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY), is outraged that alcohol companies continue to target those who cannot legally dink. Jernijan believes there should be stricter standards to … Read entire article »

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