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Nervousness, Anxiety Can Hinder Men and Women in Job Interviews

Nervousness, Anxiety Can Hinder Men and Women in Job Interviews

  New research out of the University of Guelph suggests that people who suffer from anxiety may do poorly during job interviews. And if that weren’t bad enough, get this: Men have more trouble than women. It is not uncommon to experience anxiety in the period leading up to and during an actual interview, according to research professor Dr. Deborah Powell. Powell, who led the study, said there are several theories that could explain the results. Anxiety often … Read entire article »

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Kathie Lee Gifford Criticizes Parents of Addicts and Gets Criticized in Return

  Kathie Lee Gifford, a very well-known and recognized T.V personality star, featured on countless shows, has done very well for herself over the years.  Her most famous role was appearing alongside Regis Philbin as his co-host on the daytime talk show, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Just recently in an interview with the magazine Family Circle, Gifford went on a rant about how the parents of drug addicts are basically failures and did a bad job raising their children.  She went on to say more about the subject accusing the parents of drug and alcohol addicted kids that they must not be doing something right if their sons or daughters are getting into trouble with the law because of their habit.  She said this about her own parenting skills, “”I’m … Read entire article »

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