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Teenage Bullying May Lead To Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

Teenage Bullying May Lead To Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

Many drug and alcohol addicts start using at a young age, generally 12 to 18 years old, from that point it is generally the catalyst for a long binge of substance abuse and addiction. Many adolescents suffering from depression find risk taking behavior such as violence, sex, and substance use a reprieve from their depression. Continuous research on drug and alcohol abuse among adolescents has helped understand what initiates substance use and ways to prevent … Read entire article »

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Bullying in School Causes Teen Girl to Develop Anorexia

Bullying in school has become an increasingly big problem across the country. A concerned mother filed a lawsuit against the Pittsburgh, P.A. Schools last August. This lawsuit was in behalf of her 15 year old daughter, who developed the eating disorder anorexia as a result of bullying.The bullying went on when she was in 6th and 7th grade and was non-stop. The harassment included comments about her weight and calling her fat. Her mother noticed something horribly wrong and then entered her daughter into an inpatient treatment program. Bullying is a common theme found in any school but when it comes down to the intense verbal and physical abuse as witnessed in this case the school really needs to take action. From my opinion, school employees don’t worry too much … Read entire article »

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