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Pre-College Talk May Curb College Drinking

Pre-College Talk May Curb College Drinking

  High school and college students are well known for their hard partying antics. After all, 90% of high school students drink outside their homes before they graduate. However, it has been shown that parents can play a powerful role in curbing heavy drinking or increased consumption patterns once their kid enters college by speaking to their children about the effects of alcohol. A new study shows that the best time for this conversation to take … Read entire article »

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Wernicke Korsakoff’s Syndrome

Wernicke Korsakoff’s Syndrome

Studies show that heavy drinking can lead to brain damage.  The damage occurs after heavy drinking, and increases with each following day of heavy usage (fredjoiners, 2008).  After long-term heavy alcohol use, individuals’ brains tend to shrink, more than there similarly aged counterparts.  This shrinkage is especially pronounced in the prefrontal cortex, responsible for the higher cognitive functioning and abstract thought.  While it takes an extended period of time for the brain to actually shrink, impairments … Read entire article »

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Chantix: A Pro or Con in Fight Against Alcohol Abuse?

Chantix: A Pro or Con in Fight Against Alcohol Abuse?

Chantix, (Varenicline) the anti-smoking drug that has been widely popular since 2006 with smokers trying to quit, recently revealed another possible advantage; assisting hard-drinking smokers the ability to decrease the amount of alcohol consumption.  In the study performed by researchers at the Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center at the University of California, San Francisco, it was discovered that when they administered Varenicline to those participants whom wished to stop smoking, those participants who consumed … Read entire article »

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  On April 11, Secret Service agents and military personnel were stationed at Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Colombia, where they awaited President Obama’s arrival for the upcoming Sixth Summit of the Americas. That night, military personnel and secret service agents engaged in heavy drinking and the acquisition of as many as 21 prostitutes, a legal and abundant enterprise in Colombia. A dispute erupted the next morning between one of the agents and Dania Suarez, a 24 year-old escort and mother of one. Suarez and the agent had met at a nightclub the previous evening; a group of agents had approached Suarez and her friend, buying them two bottles of vodka before offering an invitation back to their luxury beachside hotel. The two women agreed, but arrived separately from the agents, stopping to … Read entire article »

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Disney Star Enters Treatment Center

Disney star Demi Lovato recently left her tour with the Jonas Brothers to enter a treatment facility for “physical and emotional” issues. Demi’s rep has denied reports that the starlet is battling a substance abuse problem. He insists to the public that Demi is in rehab for emotional issues that she has struggled with her entire life. When Demi entered rehab last week, the press released reports about her history of self destructive behavior including an eating disorder and self mutilation. However, sources are now telling the magazine “Life & Style” that Demi’s drug use and heavy drinking contributed to her admittance into an addiction treatment center. The press release speaks about Demi’s use of cocaine and her downward spiral after breaking up with Jonas Brothers member, Joe Jonas. Being on a … Read entire article »

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Locked Up But Not Loaded: Sober Inside The Lynwood Correctional Facility

Locked Up But Not Loaded: Sober Inside The Lynwood Correctional Facility

A couple of years ago, on a steady diet of booze and sedatives, waking up in my car with pee all over me and the seat, I would have laughed in disbelief at the thought that one day I would have to clean up the wreckage of my alcohol and drug abuse. I choose drugs over everything and everybody. I was reckless. The scariest part came when I unconsciously chose drugs over life itself, … Read entire article »

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Alcohol Abuse linked to HIV & AIDS

The International Center for Research on Women of Washington has stated that alcohol use increases the risk of AIDS. It’s been proven that the consumption of alcohol leads to risky sexual practices that may result in the infection of HIV. According to an article in the latest issue of The Lancet, countries with the highest percentage of HIV infections have a high population of hazardous drinkers. This is associated with greater incidents of unprotected sex with prostitutes and sex with multiple partners. Establishments that sell alcohol are also associated with the increased risk of HIV. Studies have shown that there is a link between alcohol abuse and risky sexual behavior. Alcohol limits inhibitions and therefore increases the risk of unsafe behaviors. These behaviors include unprotected sex which can … Read entire article »

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