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My Path to Sobriety and Gratefulness

  After being in rehab for over five months and achieving sobriety, I have finally turned my cell phone back on. However, my old friends and connections back home where I was involved in the drug scene were unaware of this. This is not to say I haven’t been in contact with my friends. I am the type of drug addict who compartmentalizes his addiction. I have some really good friends whom I will always stay in contact with no matter what. On the other hand there has always been another area of friends who I am solely involved with due to drug use.  As much as I try to compartmentalize these two aspects of my life, they occasionally cross paths. This happened today. About thirty minutes ago I received a phone call … Read entire article »

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Loss in Sobriety

Loss in Sobriety

  Loss is inevitable.  We addicts live in a circle where not everyone survives.  It is the hunger games of addiction – except, instead of taking out one another the disease does it for us.  The chances of survival, though, are about the same.  We fight each day to come out on top of the disease and, if we falter – if we give in – we might not come out alive.  Relapse occurs quite frequently … Read entire article »

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Things to be Grateful For

The obvious things we should all be grateful for is shelter, food, the opportunity to change our lives, our loved ones and the fact that things can always be worse. I know at my worst moments, excluding life threatening situations, I always laugh thinking to myself, things cannot get any worse, and things do get worse. The night that most comes to mind when I think about this is in college when it took me from 2am from 7am to get home from New York City to Long Island.  I was so incoherently high and drunk that I had no concept of how to get home and toward the end of the trip after getting lost and spending all my money on lost train fare I eventually had to beg cab … Read entire article »

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