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How I Lost My Seroquel Weight

How I Lost My Seroquel Weight

  When I first arrived for drug rehab, my treatment team decided that I would benefit from a medication called Seroquel.  Although Seroquel is an anti-psychotic medication, it is also used to fight anxiety and cravings associated with drugs and alcohol. I wasn’t given much of a choice whether or not to take the medication, so I went along with it. I was given a very heavy dose and the results were pleasant. Seroquel got me through … Read entire article »

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U.S. Supreme Court to Examine “Reverse Payment” Deals Between Brand-Name and Generic Drug Manufacturers

U.S. Supreme Court to Examine “Reverse Payment” Deals Between Brand-Name and Generic Drug Manufacturers

  If you have ever filled a prescription at your local pharmacy, you know that the generic version of a medication is much cheaper than the original “brand-name” type. In fact, the difference in price can exceed 90 percent, which saves American patients billions of dollars each year at the drugstore. With Americans spending approximately $325 billion on prescription drugs each year, the industry is a behemoth. Big pharmaceutical companies attempt to hold on to their … Read entire article »

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Self-Medicating in Sobriety

  What is self-medicating?  Most would think of it as abusing drugs and alcohol to fill some sort of void.  But in reality, self-medicating could be anything.  Every self-medicating behavior is a result of some sort of underlying issue.  The reasons for self-medicating are many, though it generally comes down to a desire for instant gratification as means to distract from things we have little or no control over and choose to run away from rather than face head on. Self-medicating before sobriety: Many people turn to drugs and alcohol to help with anxiety or depression.  According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately half of all people diagnosed mentally ill engage in substance abuse.  Studies show that the more trauma and/or stressors people face, the more likely they are to … Read entire article »

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The Gifts of Sobriety

  There are many reasons to get sober and recover from addiction.  All of us hear them in the meetings from the AA promises and from people with more time than us.  They provide us with motivation and incentive to strive towards recovery. Here are some of the most common benefits that you can keep in mind and use as inspiration when you struggle through sobriety and all the hardships you may face in life to come: Life: This is the most important reason to get sober and the biggest benefit you will experience when doing so.  For many of us, when making the decision to get sober, it really was a life or death decision.  Continuing in our addiction would often lead to death and remembering this helps many in striving forwards … Read entire article »

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Son of Dennis Hopper Sued for Sexual Battery and the Drugging of a Minor

  Henry Hopper, son of the late Hollywood icon Dennis Hopper, is being sued by a woman who alleges the young actor sexually assaulted her 16 year-old daughter at his Venice, California home after plying her with drugs and alcohol. The suit, which seeks unspecified damages, was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in July 2012 and obtained by the gossip hound website TMZ, and claims the 21 year-old Hopper met the alleged victim, who was 15 at the time, through a mutual friend and that the two began communicating on Facebook shortly thereafter.  After inviting her to his home, he “engaged in sexually offensive conduct with her,” getting her drunk and engaging in sexual intercourse, oral copulation, and sodomy. The mother of the girl claims that the incidents occurred on multiple occasions … Read entire article »

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Can Exercise Cause Addiction?

Can Exercise Cause Addiction?

  A study conducted by researchers at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign has put into question the long-held belief that exercise can help addicts overcome their desire for drugs and alcohol. The results of the study, performed on mice, indicate that people who follow regular exercise regimens may find it harder to overcome their addictions, depending on when they begin exercising and when they begin using substances.  … Read entire article »

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Getting a “HIGHER” Education – Drugs and College

Getting a “HIGHER” Education – Drugs and College

  At CAST Recovery, many young individuals come in seeking chemical-dependency treatment with the hopes of entering or returning to college or furthering their education.  They face a larger challenge than the average college hopeful or college student who took a break and is hoping to return to class: staying sober.  The college student culture, at least on campus, is often submersed in drug and alcohol use. My experience with college, residential life, class projects, and often … Read entire article »

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Healthy Alternatives to Drugs and Alcohol

Healthy Alternatives to Drugs and Alcohol

  ‘Healthy Alternatives to Drugs and Alcohol’ is an innovative program out of Boulder, Colorado started by Avani Dilger who is a teacher at both the high school and graduate school levels. She is also a Certified Addiction Counselor. The program’s other name is ‘Natural Highs’  because it teaches ways to connect and feel positive without drugs and alcohol. The six-week program discusses the harms of drugs and alcohol and offers art, dance, philosophy, … Read entire article »

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Disney Star Enters Treatment Center

Disney star Demi Lovato recently left her tour with the Jonas Brothers to enter a treatment facility for “physical and emotional” issues. Demi’s rep has denied reports that the starlet is battling a substance abuse problem. He insists to the public that Demi is in rehab for emotional issues that she has struggled with her entire life. When Demi entered rehab last week, the press released reports about her history of self destructive behavior including an eating disorder and self mutilation. However, sources are now telling the magazine “Life & Style” that Demi’s drug use and heavy drinking contributed to her admittance into an addiction treatment center. The press release speaks about Demi’s use of cocaine and her downward spiral after breaking up with Jonas Brothers member, Joe Jonas. Being on a … Read entire article »

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