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Cannabis and Canines: A Bad Mix

Cannabis and Canines: A Bad Mix

  Just when you thought marijuana had run its course of absurdity in the news and everyday life, it pops right back up with something new – or, at the very least, noteworthy. This time, it has nothing to do with legalization, or human consumption. No, now, the question and problems being considered are those that appear in… I kid you not…dogs. Yes, dogs are now accidentally getting intoxicated by consuming marijuana. Not only that, but the … Read entire article »

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Universal Music Group’s West Coast Office is Purported To Be a Drug Zone

  A lawsuit filed this week by an in-house security guard alleges that Universal Music Group unofficially sanctions illegal drug use and other questionable behavior on its premises. The suit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that the halls and lobbies of one of its buildings in Santa Monica, CA, is a place where illegal drug use is okay and users don’t have to worry about getting caught. In her complaint, the guard discusses “artists and high profile celebrities who began visiting the premises with drugs in hand.” The woman claims she was repeatedly offered some of the drugs but refused. The guard says she tried to report the illicit activities to her superiors but the building’s management, which is probably involved in the sales and appropriation of facilities where … Read entire article »

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Actor Nick Stahl’s Whereabouts Uncovered; He Was Trying to Score Crystal Meth

  As of last May, no one has heard anything concerning actor Nick Stahl’s whereabouts after he went missing for four days, encouraging his estranged wife, Rose Murphy, to file a missing persons report in fear that he was dead from an overdose. But just recently, a source who wanted to remain anonymous and is now clean and sober, spoke to about the actor’s current condition. “It was around 12 noon in broad daylight when Nick and I started up a conversation about drug use. I was leaving the clinic and I recognized Nick right away so I said hello.  He was wearing jeans, a red shirt and a green jacket and he looked real bad, like he was up all night – blood shot eyes and all. He said he was waiting … Read entire article »

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Marijuana a Danger Among Teenagers: Here’s Why

  Marijuana’s reputation as a harmless and benign drug is being challenged in American culture today, especially among teens and young adults who are now privy to the burgeoning plethora of research on it. A product of the 1960’s and 1970’s, marijuana’s cultural reputation began as mostly harmless and of little concern compared with other substances. Copious research conducted recently asserts otherwise and reveals that these misconceptions remain prevalent among some young people, who still believe it’s harmless. Regular marijuana use is on the rise among teenagers, even though the risks are high. According to a recent study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, as many as 6.5 percent of high school seniors smoke weed daily. Research shows that marijuana usage is up, and young people’s view of the drug as … Read entire article »

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Whatever happened to the playground?

Whatever happened to the playground?

In today’s age, it seems like kids are starting to do things younger and younger, from wearing makeup to using cell phones. It seems that this trend of “younger, younger, younger” has pushed itself knee deep into the bog of drinking, drugs, and potential addiction. Kids are starting to use dangerous drugs regularly at the beginning of their teen years. Is this because the easy access, the fact that so many of them see this … Read entire article »

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Beer, Liquor, Heroin, and Weed: It’s All The Same Don’t Kid Yourself

Beer, Liquor, Heroin, and Weed: It’s All The Same Don’t Kid Yourself

In the Big Book it reads on page 142, “If he temporizes and still thinks he can ever drink again, even beer, he might as well be discharged after the next bender which, if an alcoholic, he is almost certain to have.”  Many problem drinkers who I have recently come across have explained to me that they had a difficult time with alcohol in the past but have now turned to just drinking beer instead … Read entire article »

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To Confront or Control the Memories that Come With PTSD

  Flashbacks, night terrors, anxiety, wanting to run out of a room and not knowing why –PTSD is an extremely debilitating disorder, and the matter of fact is that there are presently no ways to control the obtrusive memories that come up, unannounced, and bring those feelings of sheer terror and panic back to the surface. Body heat, chills, scratching your arms, hearing your head say, “USE, USE, USE… I NEED DRUGS…” – the intense cravings of drug addiction plague those of us afflicted.  Even when walking around on a beautiful day, something subtle—unnamed—makes your head start spinning into the whirlwind of wanting to use drugs. Obtrusive PTSD memories.  Uninvited, rewarding, drug-associated memories.  What to do about them, so that we can try to live happy lives – without hiding in our rooms … Read entire article »

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Heroin User Dead after Contracting Anthrax Infection

Heroin User Dead after Contracting Anthrax Infection

  Most people link the bacterial infection anthrax with forms of terrorism but recently in the news a drug user from Medway, Kent experienced his own terror when he contracted the disease after shooting heroin into his arm that contained the deadly bacterium. Anthrax is an infectious disease caused by a type of bacteria called Bacillus anthracis.  Infection in humans most often involves the skin, gastrointestinal tract, or lungs.  Anthrax commonly affects hoofed animals such as sheep, … Read entire article »

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  Throughout my abuse of drugs in my addiction I used many different substances, some of which when I ingested enough caused me to blackout.  The worst blackouts occurred when abusing multiple drugs at the same time, which was what I did daily.  Certain combinations caused me to blackout and do things I did not intend on doing before blacking out. Pills and liquor mixed with a lot of marijuana was my favorite mix of drugs, and the worst blackouts happened while taking benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium, and Ativan, or sleeping pills like Ambien, Lunesta, or even Seroquel while drinking.  For me, once I have one substance in my system, I begin taking as many other substances as I could; anything that was available was going to be ingested. The blackouts happened many … Read entire article »

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Bewitched By The Needle

  There have been untold numbers of articles written about how using drugs intravenously can cause an addiction to go from bad to worse, and I can definitely attest to that.  However, I experienced something much more than a full-blown drug addiction when I started shooting up at the age of seventeen.  Being introduced to the world of needles caused an intense mental addiction to the act of putting a needle in my veins, no matter what substance was in the syringe itself. My drug addiction started quite early and I was on and running from the start. I was fourteen years-old when I had my first drug experience with cocaine, which I kept in my Catholic High School locker room and snorted with a peer.  A couple of skeletal lines and … Read entire article »

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