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Drug Courts: The Solution to Helping Addicts and Alcoholics be Free of Incarceration

  Drug related crimes are a very big reason why so many people are in jail or in prison and it’s been brought to several state officials attention that a majority of money has been spent keeping these inmates incarcerated but in actuality these individuals are addicts who need drug court, subsequently, to deal with their addiction to drugs or alcohol. There are a little over 2,600 drug courts around the country but two in particular located in Ohio, The Sobriety Treatment Accountability Recovery program operated through Fairfield Municipal Court, and the Drug Court run by Butler County Common Pleas Judge Keith Spaeth are the most successful in helping addicts to recover and keeping them out of incarceration.  Since the creation of drug courts in the 1980′s, they have helped over a … Read entire article »

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Paris Hilton Ahead of the Game on Community Service

  Around this time last year famous socialite/Reality TV star and heiress to the Hilton fortune, Paris Hilton, was in a whole lot of trouble – she had just been busted on the Las Vegas Strip for possession of cocaine. On the night in question, police had stumbled upon a black Cadillac Escalade SUV belonging to Paris’s boyfriend Las Vegas nightclub mogul, Cy Waits. Following the traffic stop a visible cloud of suspected Marijuana smoke was seen wafting from the windows of the vehicle. It was then while questioning Paris and her boyfriend, that police found a small quantity of cocaine on her person. At the time of arrest Hilton had said that the cocaine found in her purse did not belong to her, however when arraigned a following month later, Paris … Read entire article »

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Locked Up But Not Loaded: Sober Inside The Lynwood Correctional Facility

Locked Up But Not Loaded: Sober Inside The Lynwood Correctional Facility

A couple of years ago, on a steady diet of booze and sedatives, waking up in my car with pee all over me and the seat, I would have laughed in disbelief at the thought that one day I would have to clean up the wreckage of my alcohol and drug abuse. I choose drugs over everything and everybody. I was reckless. The scariest part came when I unconsciously chose drugs over life itself, … Read entire article »

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