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Adrenaline (a.k.a. Adrenalin)

  Lots of drug addicts and alcoholics are addicted to other things, because of their addictive personalities.  Pretty much anything that creates an instant effect can be addictive: sex, shopping, gambling, working out – even crime and gangbanging. But some are addicted to adrenaline and they like the rush it gives them once it starts to pump.  Adrenaline is a hormone also known as epinephrine and is a neurotransmitter.  It has many functions in the body, regulating heart rate, blood vessel and air passage diameters, and metabolic shifts; the fight or flight response is a component that epinephrine has on the nervous system. Even when I was using I did things for adrenaline.  When I was using, I robbed people and stole things, which increased adrenaline in me.  I was addicted not only … Read entire article »

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Greed: The “Ultimate” Addiction

  Society rarely thumbs its nose at the notion that the pursuit of economic means can be detrimental to an individual’s well-being.  We chastise alcoholics, drug addicts, and those with mental illnesses as “outsiders” and put them in a classifiable category of people with whom society either relates to and sympathizes with or does its best to avoid or acknowledge.  Those of us in recovery know better than anyone else that anything can be an addiction.  It is not simply the realm of drugs and alcohol that plagues us with addictive tendencies that can ruin our health, our relationships, and our lives.  The subject of being addicted to greed is commonly scoffed at and the naysayers often quip, “How can having enough and wanting more money possibly be a bad thing?” … Read entire article »

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Kathie Lee Gifford Criticizes Parents of Addicts and Gets Criticized in Return

  Kathie Lee Gifford, a very well-known and recognized T.V personality star, featured on countless shows, has done very well for herself over the years.  Her most famous role was appearing alongside Regis Philbin as his co-host on the daytime talk show, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Just recently in an interview with the magazine Family Circle, Gifford went on a rant about how the parents of drug addicts are basically failures and did a bad job raising their children.  She went on to say more about the subject accusing the parents of drug and alcohol addicted kids that they must not be doing something right if their sons or daughters are getting into trouble with the law because of their habit.  She said this about her own parenting skills, “”I’m … Read entire article »

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The Economics of Gelling Agents in Drugs

The Economics of Gelling Agents in Drugs

  Before I did heroin, I was all about the pharmaceutical opiates: Oxycontin, Opana, Methadone, Morphine, and Dilaudid- just to name a few.  I always knew what I was taking, what amount, and never had to worry about what sort of mystery cuts were added to the drug (you know, running the risk of shooting up rat poison, or worse).  Not to mention, there has always been a negative stigma attached to heroin.  It’s “dirty”. … Read entire article »

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OPANA – The New OxyContin

  The craze of OxyContin has ended. The formula for the popularly abused drug was altered so that it could not be abused by snorting or through injection. This has made way for similar prescription opiates to take over the spotlight. One of the most popular drugs that have increased in popularity is Oxymorphone, also known as Opana. Not only can Opana be abused but it is much more potent than OxyContin. The most popular versions of the pill available are the 20 and 40 milligram pills. Depending on location price can vary. In my past experience I have been able to obtain a 40 milligram Opana for 20 dollars. Outside of the city this same 20 dollar pill can be sold anywhere from 40-60 dollars. Opana produces very similar affects … Read entire article »

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Drug Induced Zombie Outbreak?

Drug Induced Zombie Outbreak?

As a child, one of my deepest fears was the possible impending doom brought upon by a zombie apocalypse. One was even called “Miami Zombie”, and after those two words I was prepared to strategically locate knives throughout my home. Obviously I was overreacting to the situation, and that there really was not a vast horde of flesh eating undead coming to break my door in. Nevertheless, the story is still just as disturbing, and … Read entire article »

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Chris Herren: Tale of a Junkie

  The news has been rampant with celebrity drug addicts these days. From Demi Moore to Whitney Houston, America has become used to this type of news. What society rarely hears about are the people that have almost made it to stardom, and lost it all to drugs. So many poor souls have almost reached their dreams; only for them to be crushed by their own self-sabotage. It’s a brutal world we live in, and this is something that is commonplace. These people have a far better message to send than the celebrities of old. Some have even taken their downfall and turned it into a source of inspiration for others with substance abuse problems. Chris Herren is one such person. Chris is from the small town of Fall Rivers, Massachusetts. This … Read entire article »

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Ravers Kill Dolphins

  A recent disturbing toxicology report on two deceased dolphins was leaked this week showing that two dolphins had buprenorphine (Suboxone or Subutex) in their systems.  The dolphins lived at Connyland Zoo in Switzerland; the zoo rented out part of their property for a rave against the advice of animal rights advocacy groups.  The dolphins died in November of 2011, Shadow just after the rave and Chelmers two days later (Batt, 2012).  Before passing, Shadow appeared, “disoriented and distressed” (Australian Times, 2011). Buprenorphine causes respiratory depression and drowsiness, and dolphins are conscious breathers.  It is likely that they were unable to breathe (Batt, 2012). Buprenorphine is a synthetic opiate that is used medically for individuals addicted to heroin and to control pain in non-addicts.  Opiate individuals take buprenorphine in high doses marketed as Suboxone … Read entire article »

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  After putting down the drugs and alcohol, generally individuals seek out a healthier way of living by developing improved eating habits, introducing exercise, and partaking in a more well-balanced life. Drug addicts need to find new and better ways of coping with life or they will certainly lose their minds; getting a job and experiencing fun in sobriety is central recovery. Hobbies are a great means of experiencing fun while sober: fishing, surfing, paint ball, … Read entire article »

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A Pure Alcoholic

A Pure Alcoholic

My story consists of only one addiction – alcohol; I guess you could call me a “pure bread alcoholic”!  I felt the need to experiment with hard core drugs like coke, meth or heroin. I was always scared of them, knowing how addicted to alcohol I was I did not want to be addicted to coke, meth or heroin. On most occasions, I felt left out when attending AA meetings; these days most of the individuals … Read entire article »

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