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Burroughs: A Pioneer in How We Perceive Addiction Today

  The “Beat Generation” often describes a group of Avant-garde American writers and poets who first gained distinction in the 1950’s post-World War II era, but also can refer to the broader social counter-culture movement that was glorified by their literature. The most well-known beat writers include William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch (1959), Jack Kerouac, On The Road (1957), Alan Ginsberg, Howl (1956). The movement grew from bohemian artist communities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City’s Greenwich Village. The Beats favored a dress code that shunned materialism. They used slang adopted from jazz musicians and sought to be apolitical in their art. Aside from being non-conformist with fashion, sexuality, and religion, they favored substances that would increase sensory awareness – experimenting with all drug types, including opiates and hallucinogens. In Burroughs’s … Read entire article »

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Needle Exchange Programs Benefit Entire Community

Needle Exchange Programs Benefit Entire Community

  When drug addicts take a step deeper in their addiction, they may begin to shoot up their drugs of choice intravenously. IV drug users are at a very high risk for contracting HIV/AIDS or other transmittable diseases, especially if they are sharing and reusing needles. In the late 1980’s, needle exchange programs started to pop up around the country in order to combat the HIV epidemic among drug users by providing clean needles and a … Read entire article »

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My Path to Sobriety and Gratefulness

  After being in rehab for over five months and achieving sobriety, I have finally turned my cell phone back on. However, my old friends and connections back home where I was involved in the drug scene were unaware of this. This is not to say I haven’t been in contact with my friends. I am the type of drug addict who compartmentalizes his addiction. I have some really good friends whom I will always stay in contact with no matter what. On the other hand there has always been another area of friends who I am solely involved with due to drug use.  As much as I try to compartmentalize these two aspects of my life, they occasionally cross paths. This happened today. About thirty minutes ago I received a phone call … Read entire article »

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Addiction Treatment in America throughout History

  Approximately ten percent of the human population is addicted to mind-altering substances. Most of these people cannot stop using on their own and need help. Since the birth of America as a colony, addicts have sought help to stop using through various treatment methods, and some have remained viable for centuries. The first known self-help groups in America were conducted by Native Americans, who had been living on American soil for thousands of years prior to white settlement. Europeans brought a flurry of new ideas, technology, and culture with them to the new world. Unfortunately, these settlers also brought alcohol with them. The introduction of colonists and their alcohol in the lives of Native Americans proved to be devastating. Today, some theories suggest Native American people are genetically susceptible to addiction. … Read entire article »

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Jamie King: Success Story

  A young model named Jamie King living in New York City in the early 90′s, when heroin chic wasn’t just a term to describe a look created by makeup and Photoshop. A life absorbed by the chaos of drug addiction, pain, confusion and youth, in the extremely competitive world of fashion and entertainment. A love lost to health problems and drugs…the same ones that the pretty, youthful model couldn’t seem to quit, no matter how hard she tried. Fast forward twenty-something years and find a successful, beautiful, married actress expecting a child. They look like as different as day and night, but they are the same person. You’re looking at Jamie King in 2013, glowing and sober, living a life that is very different than the one she was headed for. This is … Read entire article »

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The Ten Most Addictive Drugs in the World

The Ten Most Addictive Drugs in the World

  Dutch scientists conducted a study recently in order to determine what drugs are the most addictive and why. The researchers used their findings to generate a “dependency rating” for each drug. Those with the highest dependency rating are considered the most expensive. The drugs were rated on a precise scale of 0 to 3. In real life, there are many factors that contribute to the likelihood that you will become addicted to drugs, such as your … Read entire article »

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The Global Epidemic of Addiction

  It can be easy to live in a bubble and think that the addiction problems that we see so often are confined to the Americas. Factually, this is not true – addiction is a global crisis. Whether someone is suffering from an addiction to heroin or methamphetamine, or drinks far too much, there are countries where the statistics are staggering. All in all, if you’re an addict, you may do well to avoid some of these countries for a while. Ranging from the smack-plagued Afghanistan to boozy England, the world is full of dangerous places for addicts. Countries like Iran, Afghanistan, and Russia are plagued by problems with heroin. This is not surprising, given that 90 percent of all European heroin originates in Afghanistan, as it is the world’s top producer of … Read entire article »

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Jack Osbourne Celebrates 10 Years of Sobriety

  Jack Osbourne, 27, has an entire decade out from the dark side, celebrating ten years of sobriety on April 21, 2013. The son of Black Sabbath rocker, Ozzy Osbourne, Jack is not the only Osbourne who has struggled with addiction. On April 15, his father Ozzy admitted on his Facebook page, “For the last year and a half I have been drinking and taking drugs. I was in a very dark place and was an asshole to the people I love most, my family. However, I am happy to say that I am now 44 days sober….” He continued with an apology to his family, friends, band mates, and fans for his “insane behavior.” Jack’s 28-year old sister, Kelly, has made a handful of trips to rehab, stating that she first took … Read entire article »

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Cocaine Addiction’s On/Off Switch

Cocaine Addiction’s On/Off Switch

  A new study shows that stimulation of the prefrontal cortex (an area of the brain involved in impulse control and decision making) of rats reduces cravings and compulsive cocaine-seeking behavior.  Scientists at the Intramural Research Program of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) – part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) – performed this groundbreaking study. “This is the first study to show a cause-and-effect relationship … Read entire article »

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Lindsay Lohan: Good Luck in Rehab

  Our culture has more than its fair share of troubled starlets. From Glee‘s Cory Monteith to the infamous Lindsay Lohan, drugs, alcohol, and the legal problems related to both are as much a part of our country’s entertainment world as they are a part of the justice system. Lohan’s escapades are entertaining to some, annoying to others, but they are undoubtedly signaling that this once admired celebrity is in desperate need of a wake-up call. Even after her latest court appearance resulted in court-ordered rehab (again), Lindsay insisted on going to a supposedly sober celebration of Coachella before she goes to the 90-day rehab stay. If we’re being honest, I think it is sad how far in denial Lohan appears to be and that her own family is profiting from her … Read entire article »

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