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Needle Exchange Programs Benefit Entire Community

Needle Exchange Programs Benefit Entire Community

  When drug addicts take a step deeper in their addiction, they may begin to shoot up their drugs of choice intravenously. IV drug users are at a very high risk for contracting HIV/AIDS or other transmittable diseases, especially if they are sharing and reusing needles. In the late 1980’s, needle exchange programs started to pop up around the country in order to combat the HIV epidemic among drug users by providing clean needles and a … Read entire article »

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Addiction Treatment in America throughout History

  Approximately ten percent of the human population is addicted to mind-altering substances. Most of these people cannot stop using on their own and need help. Since the birth of America as a colony, addicts have sought help to stop using through various treatment methods, and some have remained viable for centuries. The first known self-help groups in America were conducted by Native Americans, who had been living on American soil for thousands of years prior to white settlement. Europeans brought a flurry of new ideas, technology, and culture with them to the new world. Unfortunately, these settlers also brought alcohol with them. The introduction of colonists and their alcohol in the lives of Native Americans proved to be devastating. Today, some theories suggest Native American people are genetically susceptible to addiction. … Read entire article »

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Bewitched By The Needle

  There have been untold numbers of articles written about how using drugs intravenously can cause an addiction to go from bad to worse, and I can definitely attest to that.  However, I experienced something much more than a full-blown drug addiction when I started shooting up at the age of seventeen.  Being introduced to the world of needles caused an intense mental addiction to the act of putting a needle in my veins, no matter what substance was in the syringe itself. My drug addiction started quite early and I was on and running from the start. I was fourteen years-old when I had my first drug experience with cocaine, which I kept in my Catholic High School locker room and snorted with a peer.  A couple of skeletal lines and … Read entire article »

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Personal Accountability

  Personal accountability is an essential component of recovery, one that many addicts are lacking as a result of their habitual drug abuse.  The experienced drug user will use any means necessary to withdraw from family, friends, work, or anything else that might interfere with his using and abusing.  I know this because I have acted this way in my life. Simply put, I chose marijuana over people I loved.  The result was friends lost and people hurt.  In my lifetime, I have spent numerous hours, days, and even weeks consuming my drug of choice rather than living a healthy life. The use of marijuana or other drugs is often done in groups of people who may be considered “friends” by the user.  Who knows how far they would go for each other?  … Read entire article »

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Kathie Lee Gifford Criticizes Parents of Addicts and Gets Criticized in Return

  Kathie Lee Gifford, a very well-known and recognized T.V personality star, featured on countless shows, has done very well for herself over the years.  Her most famous role was appearing alongside Regis Philbin as his co-host on the daytime talk show, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Just recently in an interview with the magazine Family Circle, Gifford went on a rant about how the parents of drug addicts are basically failures and did a bad job raising their children.  She went on to say more about the subject accusing the parents of drug and alcohol addicted kids that they must not be doing something right if their sons or daughters are getting into trouble with the law because of their habit.  She said this about her own parenting skills, “”I’m … Read entire article »

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Son of Dennis Hopper Sued for Sexual Battery and the Drugging of a Minor

  Henry Hopper, son of the late Hollywood icon Dennis Hopper, is being sued by a woman who alleges the young actor sexually assaulted her 16 year-old daughter at his Venice, California home after plying her with drugs and alcohol. The suit, which seeks unspecified damages, was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in July 2012 and obtained by the gossip hound website TMZ, and claims the 21 year-old Hopper met the alleged victim, who was 15 at the time, through a mutual friend and that the two began communicating on Facebook shortly thereafter.  After inviting her to his home, he “engaged in sexually offensive conduct with her,” getting her drunk and engaging in sexual intercourse, oral copulation, and sodomy. The mother of the girl claims that the incidents occurred on multiple occasions … Read entire article »

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Why I Chose the Substances I Used

  The first mind-altering drug I used when I was fourteen years-old was what most youngsters experiment with first: marijuana.  I got hooked on it immediately, after smoking just a few times with a couple of bad influences, and continued using it for another decade until I got sober just six months ago.  Marijuana to me was something that all my friends and I used to socialize, but I took it to another level. I smoked alone most of the time in my room or in the basement, subsequently just sitting on the couch watching my favorite TV shows and munching out on any food I could find in the refrigerator.  Weed did for me what I needed it most, giving me the feeling of relaxation and calmness I craved and otherwise … Read entire article »

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An Addict’s Will to Change

An Addict’s Will to Change

  I had fifteen months clean before I relapsed on May 11, 2011.  My run lasted a little over a year.  I thought I would only use one time so I could escape from the immediate situation and the hell inside my head, but heroin doesn’t work that way – certainly not for me.  One night turned into a year and I still feel like I just woke up from some awful fever dream. The first few … Read entire article »

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Character Defect – Illusory Divinity

  “I am God.  I am my own God.  I am God to others.  I do EVERYTHING with a God-like elegance and effervescence.  I never need any help – I only help others.  I predict the course of events before they unfold.  I have the answers to every question asked- the right answers.”  This was my internal dialogue for eons.  I adopted this way of thinking sometime around the 4th grade.  The most pathetic aspect surrounding this way of thinking: I never perceived myself as being arrogant.  I mistook it as an internal confidence I didn’t want others to know about.  If they knew about it, they would strive to attain it.  If they attained my secret, there would be nothing separating them from me.  I would then become an equal. … Read entire article »

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Obama Bans Bath Salts and Spice

  On Monday, 09 July 2012, President Obama signed into action a bill banning 31 forms of synthetic drugs and similar future drugs that have not yet been put on the market (Haggin).  The bill targets the synthetic drugs used recreationally such as bath salts, spice, K2, and many other variations.  As drug companies producing these compounds continuously tweak their chemical formulation — many believe the pharmaceutical industry have had new products prepared in the event that the old ones would be made illegal—the bill also outlawed these future compounds that would have similar effects and bear only slight differences in their molecular structures. Previously, 30 states have individually banned certain synthetic drugs or compounds of synthetic drugs, but it did little good given the continuous evolution of those types of drugs and … Read entire article »

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