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Prom Season – DUI Season for Teenage Drivers

Prom Season – DUI Season for Teenage Drivers

  When prom season approaches, teens and parents alike picture limousines, prom parties, and extravagantly dressed young people, giggling and excited. It’s a time for high school seniors to enjoy themselves, and go out with a bang. Unfortunately, there are too many teens during this time that go out, and never make it back home, often due to drinking and driving. These accidents are fatal all too often, and the consequences for driving under the influence … Read entire article »

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You Have A Choice…..Don’t Drink and Drive

You Have A Choice…..Don’t Drink and Drive

According to a Medical News Today article the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report supporting research done during a CDC Vital Signs study revealing that in 2010 alone approximately 112 million people drove under the influence of alcohol; that is nearly 300,000 drunk-drivers each day! You may not have control over your alcohol intake…however you can choose whether to get behind the wheel after consuming an alcoholic beverage. On more than one … Read entire article »

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One Year Old Run Over By Father

Last Saturday night a one-year-old baby was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sitting in the driveway of his home around 12:45 am, his drunk father was getting ready to pull in to the driveway and didn’t see the baby sitting there. Ramirez Lopez, 27, claims that he didn’t mean to run over his baby son. However, allegedly he was charged with a felony of a DUI — other charges are also pending depending on the status of the baby. Reading this, I began to wonder where the mother was this whole time or why the baby was sitting outside by himself in the first place. The drunk father was arrested for a twelve hour period the night of the accident, then released. He’s not yet been charged … Read entire article »

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Drugging and Driving on the Rise

What level of drugs impairs ones driving abilities? As of right now there is no set limit on the amount of substances in a person’s blood system that has a defined line between a legal and illegal amount while driving. With no set limit how can a person involved in an accident be convicted? One such case that challenges this question would be one resulting in a fatality. Kathryn Underdown was hit by a car while riding her bicycle. The car had not stopped until it had crashed into another vehicle after hitting Kathryn. While interviewing with investigators the driver could not keep her eyes open, and her speech was slow and slurred. The driver said she had not been drinking but it was said she had … Read entire article »

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Locked Up But Not Loaded: Sober Inside The Lynwood Correctional Facility

Locked Up But Not Loaded: Sober Inside The Lynwood Correctional Facility

A couple of years ago, on a steady diet of booze and sedatives, waking up in my car with pee all over me and the seat, I would have laughed in disbelief at the thought that one day I would have to clean up the wreckage of my alcohol and drug abuse. I choose drugs over everything and everybody. I was reckless. The scariest part came when I unconsciously chose drugs over life itself, … Read entire article »

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Melrose Place Star Caught Drinking & Driving

Amy Locane, from TV’s Melrose Place, is no longer a star. At age 38, her life has soon to become very small all due to the influence of just having a couple of drinks. Drinking and driving is never in anyone’s favor and for Amy, her reality is slowly settling in. After hitting another car entering a driveway, she now faces the possible charge of second degree vehicular homicide. She killed the passenger on impact and the driver was flown to a hospital in critical condition. Amy was swerving all over the road and rear- ended a car a few miles before the accident. The driver of the car tried to call the police and Amy just got back in her car and drove off. To most people that may have … Read entire article »

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