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Bewitched By The Needle

  There have been untold numbers of articles written about how using drugs intravenously can cause an addiction to go from bad to worse, and I can definitely attest to that.  However, I experienced something much more than a full-blown drug addiction when I started shooting up at the age of seventeen.  Being introduced to the world of needles caused an intense mental addiction to the act of putting a needle in my veins, no matter what substance was in the syringe itself. My drug addiction started quite early and I was on and running from the start. I was fourteen years-old when I had my first drug experience with cocaine, which I kept in my Catholic High School locker room and snorted with a peer.  A couple of skeletal lines and … Read entire article »

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DMT, a compound that is found in the body naturally http://www.thespiritmolecule.com/, can also be taken in ceremonial or recreational drug contexts.  The hallucinogenic drug induces a surreal, dreamlike state in which the boundaries of the ego are blurred, and users experience “transcendence,” “grace,” ineffability,” and a “visionary state” (Gable, 2007).  While similar to LSD in its effects and pharmacodynamics, DMT more commonly induces anxiety attacks due to the rapid onset of effects. DMT can be administered orally, intravenously, insufflated, or smoked.  Depending on the method of administration, the drug can differ as far as how long the high lasts.  When smoked, injected, or insufflated the effects begin immediately and peak around 2-3 minutes into the experience; the experience lasts 10-20 minutes (Cynthia Kuhn, 2008).  Orally, in order for the drug to take effect, … Read entire article »

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DMT and Meth Lab Found at Georgetown University

DMT and Meth Lab Found at Georgetown University

Early this morning, slightly before 6 a.m., three males were arrested for suspected drug compounding at a dorm room in Harbin Hall at Georgetown University. Two of the males, at least 18 years of age were both attending Georgetown and the other was identified as a campus visitor. The two dorm-mates were arrested after a phone call was made to the police submitting that there was a foul smell coming from the dorm room of … Read entire article »

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