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Harm Reduction: Micron Filtering

    I was back at home a couple months ago and came across my using kit  (TRIGGGEERRRR!!). I, stupidly, opened up the case, and discovered the collection of cottons and syringes and spoons. I, of course, proceeded to throw the case away, with the help of my sober friend I brought along with me. I wanted to gag. Any IV user (at least an educated/knowledgeable one, for that matter) knows about the imminent threat posed by cotton fever. Cotton fever is an infection one contracts as a direct result of injecting bacteria into their blood: therefore, (to lay it on nice and thick for our slow learners) many people experience this amidst the process of administering drugs intravenously. It is often misconstrued that there is some sort of bacterial culture present in … Read entire article »

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