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No Jail Time for Starlet Lindsay Lohan

  As the result of her latest legal wrangling, starlet Lindsay Lohan will be getting some help, although she didn’t ask for it. That’s alright because sometimes asking for help is very difficult, even if we need it. The 26-year-old music and movie star agreed to a deal in a Los Angeles court today. Lohan, upon the recommendation of her legal counsel, pleaded no contest to reckless driving and obstructing officers in Santa Monica, both misdemeanors. Their charges came after a series of events, including an accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in which Lohan denied responsibility and a mishap in New York City in which a hotel employee claimed he was hit by Lohan driving her SUV. Even though charges in the NYC case were dropped, the national media attention it … Read entire article »

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Bullying as a Processing Addiction

  While Treatment4addiction often focuses on substance addictions, there is another category of addiction called processing addictions.  While bullying is not currently recognized as a processing addiction, there is substantial evidence and argument for it to be considered a processing addiction, an addiction in which the individual is addicted to a mood-altering behavior (i.e., shopping or gambling) with a “seeming” inability to stop the behavior.  Bullying is characterized by social, physical, or verbal behaviors aimed at asserting power over and often controlling other individuals with the goal of causing emotional duress.  While bullying theoretically can be a one- or two- time thing for some people, for many individuals it becomes a habitual method of interacting with other individuals. One perspective on bullying as a form of addiction comes from a NY News … Read entire article »

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Paris Hilton Ahead of the Game on Community Service

  Around this time last year famous socialite/Reality TV star and heiress to the Hilton fortune, Paris Hilton, was in a whole lot of trouble – she had just been busted on the Las Vegas Strip for possession of cocaine. On the night in question, police had stumbled upon a black Cadillac Escalade SUV belonging to Paris’s boyfriend Las Vegas nightclub mogul, Cy Waits. Following the traffic stop a visible cloud of suspected Marijuana smoke was seen wafting from the windows of the vehicle. It was then while questioning Paris and her boyfriend, that police found a small quantity of cocaine on her person. At the time of arrest Hilton had said that the cocaine found in her purse did not belong to her, however when arraigned a following month later, Paris … Read entire article »

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