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CA Supreme Court allows Cities, Counties to Ban Marijuana Dispensaries

  The supreme court of the state of California has ruled that the state’s cities and counties rightfully have the power to ban medical marijuana dispensaries within their respective territories. The state’s highest court made this ruling in a unanimous fashion less than two decades after California first adopted the bill permitting medical marijuana. The court said neither that bill, Proposition 215, nor any “companion measure” prevents local governments from passing their own legislation to outlaw storefront dispensaries. Justice Martin Baxter explained why the court made its ruling, saying, “While some counties and cities might consider themselves well-suited to accommodating medical marijuana dispensaries, conditions in other communities might lead to the reasonable decision that such facilities within their borders, even if carefully sited, well managed, and closely monitored, would present unacceptable local … Read entire article »

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Stress & City Living

  When living in a city environment, certain stressors are much more prevalent that can lead to the early development of mental illness in youths.  Urban environments have an obvious disadvantage to the more serene, tranquil environments found in rural areas.  In the city, noise, pollution, commotion, and the daily grind of densely populated limited space can cause certain aggravators less present in rural settings.  Though this seems common sense to most people; a new study attempts to draw linkage between brain activity in individuals from both environments to assess the possible onset of mental health illnesses. Time Healthland reports in a new study that individuals that grow up in a city are two to three times more likely to develop early signs of schizophrenia.  Compounding this fact, the study also found that … Read entire article »

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