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Can Kids Be Too Religious? Obsessive Behavior May Signify Mental Illness

  One of the roles of parents is to encourage healthy, positive activities in the lives of their children.  Many parents of religious children will encourage their children to partake in religious activity, whether as part of family tradition or because they believe that it brings comfort and improves the overall well-being of the child.  Unfortunately, not all religious activity is healthy, as hyper-religiosity may be a sign of a deeper mental illness issue.  “[Hyper-religiosity] looks positive but could be negative,” says Stephanie Mihalas, a UCLA professor and licensed clinical psychologist (Russo). According to Dr. Patrick Fagan of the Heritage Foundation, practicing religion promotes the well-being of individuals, families, and even the community.  Religion can be a positive force in the lives of both children and adults, according to Dr. Bill Hathaway, … Read entire article »

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Incan Mummies Reveal Children were Given Drugs and Alcohol before Sacrificial Death

Incan Mummies Reveal Children were Given Drugs and Alcohol before Sacrificial Death

  In 1999, the bodies of 3 mummified children from the Inca Empire were discovered in a shrine on the summit of Llullaillaco, a volcano at the border of current day Argentina and Chile, their bodies incredibly preserved due to the cold.  Throughout the subsequent years, these Incan mummies have gained international fame, especially the eldest child, dubbed “The Maiden.”  Since their discovery, scientists have been testing their hair and bodies for more information regarding the … Read entire article »

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ADHD and Iron Deficiency in Children

ADHD and Iron Deficiency in Children

  There are over 6 million children (11% of the child population) in the United States that have been diagnosed with ADHD, and the numbers of diagnoses are continuing to rise.  While the causes of ADHD are not fully understood, it is believed that the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine may play a large role.  Both neurotransmitters contribute to maintaining alertness, increasing focus, and sustaining thought, effort, and motivation (Hunt).  The biosynthesis of norepinephrine requires dopamine, and … Read entire article »

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Does Smoking Cigarettes Make for Worse Parents?

Does Smoking Cigarettes Make for Worse Parents?

  Most people know that smoking cigarettes has harmful side effects for both the smoker and those he or she lives with. People are also aware that cigarettes are a costly habit. However, a new study from Pfizer shows that parents who smoke are actually worse parents than their non-smoking counterparts, partaking in actions that result in a lower quality of life for their children. This study examined the lifestyle behaviors of parents who smoke cigarettes, with … Read entire article »

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Drugging Kids on Flights

Drugging Kids on Flights

  Flying is often a long and difficult experience, especially for parents with young children. How to get children to behave on flights is more of a mystery than most life situations, but some parents and flight attendants are claiming to have a simple answer: medicating young children with antihistamines and other over-the-counter drugs to induce sleep (Ianelli). While I and many people – parents and others alike – can understand the frustration of a screaming child … Read entire article »

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Mexican Cartels Recruit Children

  The international tension surrounding the drug cartels in Mexico isn’t anything new – and neither are their tactics. Recruiting American and South American children alike, these murderous criminal enterprises brainwash impressionable youth and have them carry out heinous acts of violence – all for a bigger profit. By using children, these cartels are doing what street gangs have been doing for a long time: giving kids who feel like they have no place in the world a home, and a supposed family. Therein lies the problem: these kids are fed a false sense of loyalty and belonging when they are truly being used as expendable killers, drug dealers, and distractions. Cartels do not discriminate when it comes to luring youth into their webs. Many of these children come from broken homes, where … Read entire article »

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Depression: Bad for Your Heart

  It is well known that there is a correlation between depression and cardiac risks; from developing heart problems or having recurring cardiovascular events or heart-related death. This is thought to stem from several external factors that depression influences, such as obesity, smoking, and insomnia, as well as an internal factor; such as slower cardiovascular recovery after exercise. Although the risks are raised, there are certain preventative measures that people can take to maintain a healthy lifestyle with depression. Although the exact link between depression and cardiovascular disease isn’t known, there are certain risk factors that are associated with both. For instance, children with depression are more likely to turn into adolescent smokers, as well as live a sedentary lifestyle. People with depression are also more likely to suffer from insomnia. These … Read entire article »

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Parents Force 22-Month-Old Son to Smoke Pot

  A young mother and father are in hot water after being caught red-handed while giving their 22-month-old son marijuana from a water pipe or “bong” as they are commonly known. Almost as if feeding the child pot smoke, cell phone video footage portrays the sorry scene of the mother and child, with the water pipe too big for the kid to even hold. Centralia, Washington police reportedly received the video anonymously. After viewing the alarming footage, they subsequently obtained a search warrant and served it on the family involved, the Tyler J. Lee and Rachelle Braaten family. Only after 5 months did the video footage surface. Both parents involved were arrested and taken to jail. Meanwhile, the family’s children, including the 22-month-old, were taken into custody by Child Protective Services. Mrs. … Read entire article »

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Genetics and Addictions: What Predisposition Really Says About Becoming an Addict

  Addiction is a touchy topic, especially when it comes to the relationship of genetics causing a dependence of any sort. Recent studies have proved that while genetics can play a large role in predisposition, they cannot prove that someone will or will not become an addict, as addiction is a complex disease related to the interaction of both genetics and environmental factors.  After all, someone can be the only addict in their family, or they can be the only non-addict. No matter what role genetics play in a person’s likelihood of addiction, the focus should be on progress in terms of both the science of genetics and the treatment and prevention of addiction based on this available information. While genetics are not 100% responsible for a person’s descent into addiction, they … Read entire article »

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LeAnn Rimes has Eating Disorder

  Brandi Glanville, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, doesn’t want LeAnn Rimes around her sons.  After Rimes tweeted she was flying out with “my boys” on Nov. 30, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star told ex-husband Eddie Cibrian’s new wife that her sons, Mason, 9 and Jake, 5, are not Rimes’.  “They are my boys, Eddie’s boys and your stepsons . . . for now,” Glanville, 40, tweeted.  But that’s not all she has to say! In an interview with US Weekly in December 2012, Brandi Glanville dished about an incident in which she claims her son was put in danger in LeAnn’s care.  She stated, “LeAnn has a severe eating disorder.  She has a laxative in every purse.  My son, Mason, found one on the floor and thought it … Read entire article »

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