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The Importance of Outside Issues

  Sometimes I hear individuals at Alcoholics Anonymous speak about their desire to keep outside issues separate from their meetings.  The term, “outside issues,” may be used to refer to several different things.  Sometimes individuals using the term mean that others should limit their shares to discussing their addictions to alcohol.  This is founded on the belief that if an individual struggles with an addiction to a substance other than alcohol, he or she should find a more appropriate 12-step fellowship like Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous. Alternatively, outside issues may refer more broadly to any subject not pertaining specifically to alcoholism (i.e., eating disorders or mental illnesses).  While I understand that individuals go to Alcoholics Anonymous for the feeling of likeness and fellowship, I believe that by making that distinction and … Read entire article »

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An Addict’s Will to Change

An Addict’s Will to Change

  I had fifteen months clean before I relapsed on May 11, 2011.  My run lasted a little over a year.  I thought I would only use one time so I could escape from the immediate situation and the hell inside my head, but heroin doesn’t work that way – certainly not for me.  One night turned into a year and I still feel like I just woke up from some awful fever dream. The first few … Read entire article »

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