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New Marijuana Pill May Be More Effective in Treating Pain than Smoking It

New Marijuana Pill May Be More Effective in Treating Pain than Smoking It

  Medical Marijuana patients may have a new method of ingesting the drug – in the form of a pill. New research suggests that taking the pill may be more effective at reducing pain than smoking it, with fewer side effects. The study compared the pain tolerance of patients who either smoked marijuana or took the drug dronabinol, a pill containing the active ingredient of marijuana, with patients that took a placebo. Researchers discovered that the pain-reducing … Read entire article »

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Too Much Weed Might Cost You Your Nuts!

  Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles have recently discovered a link between higher risks of testicular cancer and regular smoking of the exceedingly popular drug, marijuana.  The UCLA researchers’ findings were evaluated by the American Cancer Society and published in the magazine Cancer. Testicular cancer is one of the most frequent forms of cancer, generally afflicting males between the age fifteen and forty-five.  In recent years, scientists have been finding more and more cases of testicular cancer in patients due to different and unknown environmental causes, one of which appears to be the recreational use of marijuana. Assistant professor of pre-emptive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and one of the authors of the study, Victoria K. Cortessis, PHD, MSPH, observed a total of 455 men of … Read entire article »

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L.A.’s Pot Dispensaries No More?

L.A.’s Pot Dispensaries No More?

  Two days ago on July 23rd, L.A.’s City Council vigorously voted to put a stop to marijuana dispensaries all over the city.  Santa Barbara, a fellow Californian city has already ended the life of its dispensaries all over the county.  There are approximately five-hundred and fifty dispensaries around the Los Angeles area, soon to be closed due to neighborhood concerns and numerous court rulings questioning a city’s right to control the weed retailers.  The council’s … Read entire article »

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Drug Cartels Going Underground

Drug Cartels Going Underground

  Authorities recently found several new tunnels designed to transport drugs across the US- Mexico border.  Used to escape detection at heightened crossings into the states, these tunnels seem to have been built by someone with knowledge of engineering.  Lined with plywood, they are reinforced using four-by-six beams; one of the tunnels was found in an abandoned strip mall in Western Arizona.  The other started in Tijuana and was leading toward San Diego, but was discovered … Read entire article »

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Innovative Pain Disk May Save People from Addiction

  Recently Jon Hopkins University researchers have been meticulously trying to solve the problem of addiction in cancer patients from opioid abuse.  In countries that are less privileged, prescription drug costs are considered lofty, creating crime because people are stealing and abusing them, resulting in a huge black market for opiates.  JHU has been working to restore safety to our society created by the havoc that pain medication abuse plays a huge role in; diminishing opiates, while still giving desperate relief to cancer patients worldwide.  With constant attempts to do so, they have finally come up with a possible solution, a small implantable disk that can be placed under the skin that is the size of a button.  The disk is good for thirty days, secreting continuous amounts of pain medication … Read entire article »

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Lance Armstrong’s Dragging Doping Controversy

Lance Armstrong’s Dragging Doping Controversy

Last week, while Roger Clemens was acquitted of all perjury charges concerning his testimony on the use of performance enhancing drugs, another such unfortunate athlete, Lance Armstrong, is being held accountable for using drugs, possibly being stripped of all his titles. Lance Armstrong, one of the world’s greatest and most influential athletes, started his cycling career at the age of sixteen, never looking back.  In 1991 he won the U.S National Amateur Championship, sparking his career … Read entire article »

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Possible New JFAA Fellowship – Junk Food Addicts Anonymous?

We all know bacon drenched in gravy and a side of biscuits probably isn’t your healthiest breakfast choice. However, when we bought the container of bacon at our local Stop ‘n Shop, would we have thought twice about buying it if the package had contained a warning indicating the addictive potential of the bacon? Scientists’ emerging research shows a parallel between the brain’s reactions that occur with substances such as morphine, cocaine and heroin and reactions that occur with junk food such as candy, chips, sodas, fast foods — anything that tastes really, really delicious and releases dopamine in the brain upon consumption. Scientists used rats to study affects on the brain when junk food such as icing, chocolate, and sausage were eaten. The rat’s resulting brain were almost duplicates … Read entire article »

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