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Russia’s Anti-Alcohol Policies Good for Public, Hurts Breweries

  In recent years, Russian lawmakers have enacted legislation intended to discourage alcohol use among citizens. Although these new policies benefit the people of Russia,  they are hurting beer makers in the country. Russia has one of the highest rates of alcoholism in the world, so concerted efforts to get people to cut back on drinking are a good idea from a public health standpoint. Perhaps the United States, who invests heavily in anti-smoking campaigns, should consider following suit since we have high rates of alcohol abuse as well. The timing of the Russian legislation has caught breweries off-guard. Between 2005 and 2007  beer sales in Russia soared 30 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal. When brewers such as Heineken, Anheuser-Busch and Carlsberg noticed, they seized the opportunity to invest in the … Read entire article »

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Alaskan Brew Maker Shifts to “Beer-Powered Beer”

Alaskan Brew Maker Shifts to “Beer-Powered Beer”

  Alaska’s largest beer brewing company will soon be going green. The Alaskan Brewing Co. has undertaken a major project recently to begin drawing the majority of the power it takes to run its brewing plant from alternative sources. However, instead of looking to wind or solar power the company has installed a unique boiler system that burns the company’s spent grain. Spent grain is the waste accumulated during the brewing process. The new boiler system, … Read entire article »

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Taste of Beer Alone Induces Cravings to Drink

Taste of Beer Alone Induces Cravings to Drink

  Researchers at Indiana University have discovered that just a tiny taste of beer causes the release of dopamine, a feel good chemical, in the brain and can also trigger cravings for alcohol. They also found that people with alcoholic family members had the most significant releases of dopamine when tasting beer. David Kareken, author of the study and med-school professor at Indiana University, said, “This is the first human demonstration that a stimulus that is reliably … Read entire article »

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Legal Drinking Age Linked to Binge Drinking

  People who grew up in U.S. states where the legal drinking age was under 21 are more likely to become binge drinkers later in life, according to a new study by researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Researchers tracked the long-term drinking habits of more than 39,000 people who began drinking alcohol in the 1970’s and found that people who lived in states that had the lowest minimum drinking ages were no more likely to consume larger quantities of alcohol or drink with greater frequency than those in states where the drinking age was 21. When they did drink, however, they tended to drink more heavily. “It wasn’t just that lower minimum drinking ages had a negative impact on people when they were young,” stated first author Andrew … Read entire article »

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Beer, Liquor, Heroin, and Weed: It’s All The Same Don’t Kid Yourself

Beer, Liquor, Heroin, and Weed: It’s All The Same Don’t Kid Yourself

In the Big Book it reads on page 142, “If he temporizes and still thinks he can ever drink again, even beer, he might as well be discharged after the next bender which, if an alcoholic, he is almost certain to have.”  Many problem drinkers who I have recently come across have explained to me that they had a difficult time with alcohol in the past but have now turned to just drinking beer instead … Read entire article »

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Addiction Doesn’t Make It OK

  When in active addiction, alcoholics and addicts—because they are not in a healthy state of mind—make some really unwise decisions, subsequently carrying out irresponsible actions.  Many people victimize themselves, explaining that “the alcohol made me do it” or “the drugs made me do it,” but taking responsibility for their actions is what they really need to be considering.  Blaming their actions on and because their mind was skewed due to whatever substance they put into their body is just an excuse. Just recently, five inmates at Idaho’s Kuna prison—Keith Allen Brown, Cory Alan Baugh, Jeremy Joseph Brown, Steven Todd Thompson, and Woodrow John Grant Brow—who are carrying out sentences for committing violent crimes while intoxicated are claiming that the beer made them do it.  In addition, they are suing major beer … Read entire article »

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  It was a long, hard day.  You worked grueling hours, tolerated people’s antics, and even acted nice towards your boss, who doesn’t pay enough.  As you are clocking out, your co-worker approaches you to ask if you want to go and get a cold drink.  Sweating beads, what would you say? In my former days as an addict I might have thought that my co-worker was suggesting that we head over to the nearest bar for a drink.  My mind would go to beer and my response would be “yes.”  So, I would have fallen for my co-workers ploy and given in, even buying him the luscious liquid. A few days later, things seem different at work.  You are getting dirty looks from your co-workers.  On the schedule you notice that your … Read entire article »

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Obtaining and Keeping a Job While in Sobriety

Obtaining and Keeping a Job While in Sobriety

  After a busy day of writing articles and holding responsibilities at my job from one to five, I go home sit on the couch and crack open a nice refreshing Coors Light.  No just kidding, I crack open a nice refreshing Diet Coke, so much more of a pleasant and thirst quenching refreshment.  Before I got sober, getting totally blitzed after work was my everyday lifestyle.  Now having a job in sobriety has changed my … Read entire article »

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Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Equals Alcoholism At its Worst

  Just 250 feet away from Whiteclay, Nebraska, sits an Indian Reservation, once known for its proud Oglala Sioux warriors who  came out victorious in the 1876 Battle of Little Bighorn, and withstood the troubled times of the Wounded Knee Massacre at Pine Ridge in 1890, however it now faces certain destruction due to wide-spread alcoholism. The Reservation itself, populated by 40,000 Lakota people of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, do not allow any kind of alcohol to be sold on the reserve or let alone into its doors but Whiteclay supplies almost all of it to its inhabitants, being illegally smuggled in.  Even law can’t stop the tribe’s Indians from getting drunk; more than 85% of all of the families in Pine Ridge are impacted by alcohol.  In 2008, over 90% of … Read entire article »

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Drugs Replacing the Drink?

Drugs Replacing the Drink?

My father has told me stories of when the drinking age was eighteen…once upon a time back in the seventies and situations in movies like Dazed and Confused, where they had trunk loads of ice cold beer, and driving drunk was a regular affair.  Times were different back then and drinking was more acceptable in our society and the guidelines were less strict.  In our culture today, our government takes drinking offenses to the next … Read entire article »

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