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Top 5 Scariest Drugs on Earth

  It seems that over time the media reports one scary new drug over one scary addiction. Here is our take on the 5 scariest substances out there today. Illicit methamphetamine use has been increasing throughout America since the 1980’s. From production of the drug to its comedown, it devastates users and sometimes entire communities. The production of methamphetamine may be the drug’s scariest aspect. Using highly explosive chemicals, often in tight quarters, meth can be made in any home or trailer. There are countless stories where houses have exploded within residential neighborhoods. Once the drugs are synthesized via dangerous methods, the violent chain of distribution begins. Traffickers are often organized gangs with ferocious reputations. By purchasing methamphetamine one is directly supporting violent-criminal acts.  The methamphetamine user experiences intense mania, paranoia, … Read entire article »

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Study Shows That Bath Salts are More Addictive Than Meth

Study Shows That Bath Salts are More Addictive Than Meth

  Since the emergence of cathinone-based bath salts as a popular recreational stimulant, scientists have been trying to determine why users take this “legal high” when they have such a disturbing and dangerous array of effects on behavior. In one of the first laboratory studies of MDPV (a bath salt; 3, 4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone), scientists at The Scripps Research Institute found that these psychostimulant drugs are more addictive than meth, which is regarded as one of the most … Read entire article »

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Top Drug-related Stories of 2012

  From face-eating cannibals to disgraced athletes, 2012 was an exciting and tragic year for drug-related news.  Here are the top five stories related to the subject.   1.  Face-Eating Zombie Attack Our first and most delicious story of 2012 happened on May 26th when Rudy Eugene, having suddenly developed a voracious appetite for human flesh, was found under a Miami highway eating another man’s face off.  That man, 65 year-old Ronald Poppo, survived the horrific attack after losing 80 percent of his face to Eugene’s mouth.  Police responded to the attack, immediately taking down Eugene with a hail of gunfire.  At first many people believed that the “zombie-like” killer had committed this tasteless act due to the effects of bath salts but the autopsy report showed that he was just really, really, really … Read entire article »

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The Battle Against Legal Highs Rages On

  Florida law enforcement officials have been stymied in recent months, not knowing how to arrest and prosecute “bath salt” abusers. Meanwhile, in the quest for a legal high, people are dying from drug overdoses. In the state of Florida alone, 20 people have been killed by these substances. Since April 2011 bath salts have made several headlines. The state Attorney General had issued a temporary ban on the drug in Florida. Within three months, the U.S. Department of Justice classified this fine white powder an “emerging domestic threat.” The substances, which are labeled “not for human consumption,” mimick the effects of more potent drugs and have the potential to yield dire consequences. Victims are frequently being rushed to emergency rooms and scientists can only guess what their long-term effects will be. Drug … Read entire article »

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New Legislation Bans Synthetics

  In recent years drug makers have begun marketing substances that can be used like street drugs.  Bath salts, spice and K2 have been sold in gas stations and smoke shops in order to provide a legal high for their users. Synthetic drugs work by mimicking the effects of more familiar substances.  The synthetic cannabinoids in fake pot can make a user feel like he or she has smoked weed, while the synthetic cathinones in bath salts (including Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or MDPV, and mephedrone) can replicate the high of ecstasy or speed – and until recently, users could get these effects without the complications of using an illegal drug.  In an attempt to outsmart the government and make a profit, these drug makers threw caution to the wind and chose to mass produce these … Read entire article »

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The Conundrum of Legal Classification and Prosecution of Synthetic Drugs

  Watching the popular show, Drugs Inc., on the National Geographic Channel last night, I stumbled upon the relatively new but alarmingly prevalent subject of Synthetic Drugs.  Highly publicized within the last year due to several dramatic and horrendous public occurrences of misuse (and the dire consequences that followed) these new designer drugs include popular versions of Spice products, Bath Salts, and K2.  Drugs Inc. sheds a curious new light to the War on Drugs, examining the relationship between users, dealers, medical professionals, public awareness, local police, and federal agencies including the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security.  Of particular interest to me, unlike the firmly established legal definitions of drug use and legal punishments, was how the show documented law enforcement’s difficulty with both prosecuting … Read entire article »

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Feeling a bit “Salty” Anyone – The Morphing of Bath Salts?

Feeling a bit “Salty” Anyone – The Morphing of Bath Salts?

  Designer drugs are nothing new.  From ecstasy to Methamphetamines- mad scientists have been concocting dangerous mixtures for years.  But a new drug has authorities worried about it potency and its effects- not just on the human body, but the mind as well.  Many people have recently heard the story of a Miami man who seemingly went insane, attacking a fellow homeless person- and eating his face off.  Reports indicated he was on drugs.  No … Read entire article »

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Obama Bans Bath Salts and Spice

  On Monday, 09 July 2012, President Obama signed into action a bill banning 31 forms of synthetic drugs and similar future drugs that have not yet been put on the market (Haggin).  The bill targets the synthetic drugs used recreationally such as bath salts, spice, K2, and many other variations.  As drug companies producing these compounds continuously tweak their chemical formulation — many believe the pharmaceutical industry have had new products prepared in the event that the old ones would be made illegal—the bill also outlawed these future compounds that would have similar effects and bear only slight differences in their molecular structures. Previously, 30 states have individually banned certain synthetic drugs or compounds of synthetic drugs, but it did little good given the continuous evolution of those types of drugs and … Read entire article »

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Sirius picks up Addiction Radio Show

  Sirius Radio has picked up the KLEAN Radio Show, a radio program that addresses addiction.  The program airs on 980 News Talk Los Angeles KFWB, in San Diego, and in New York.  The program, hosted by Judah Friedman and Klean Treatment Center CEO, Andrew Spanswick, offers an interactive approach to providing resources, awareness, and hope to listeners.  Listeners call in with their concerns about their or a loved one’s drug use, and the hosts and often celebrity guests give feedback and encouragement to the listeners, always offering further resources. Andres Spanswick spoke about being picked up by Sirius Radio: “We are delighted to be part of the Sirius family and to join its lineup of ‘A’ list personalities that includes Martha Stewart, Howard Stern and Oprah Winfrey.  Sirius, with a listener … Read entire article »

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  Freddy Sharp, 27, of (Name of Trailer Park remains disclosed) Tennessee, was recently filmed overdosing on Mephedrone or Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), more commonly known by smoke shop frequenters as Bath Salts.  If we recall, on the 26th of May, Rudy Eugene  ( was shot and killed after gnawing at the face of a homeless man for nearly 18 minutes. It seems this drug has become a media craze the past few weeks. Why has there been … Read entire article »

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