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Lance Armstrong: A True Amends or Just an Empty Apology?

  On the night of January 17th, 2013, Oprah Winfrey sat down with Lance Armstrong to discuss his admittance to doping throughout his career as a professional cyclist.  Armstrong’s admission to his rampant drug use was not quite the “sincere” apology most wanted to see from the once victor of seven Tour de France wins that have since been stripped from him.  For an alcoholic or addict, truly making an amends to someone when you have wronged him or her is not just an apology; it is expressing that you are sorry for the harm you caused, asking how to make it right and making a commitment to change the behavior that caused the harm.  An amends is so much more than just admitting wrong doing and regret, which is what … Read entire article »

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Step Nine: Moving from Apologies to Amends

Step Nine: Moving from Apologies to Amends

  I recently started working on my ninth step.  My sponsor and I went over the Twelve and Twelve’s chapter on step 9 and then discussed the importance of the amends process and how they differ from the standard “I’m sorry” apology.  She stressed that I generally should avoid the term “sorry.”  I found that odd at first, because I had thought that essentially was the point of the ninth step, to admit our fault through … Read entire article »

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