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‘Glee’ Star Cory Monteith Checks into Rehab

  Cory Monteith, who plays Finn Hudson on the hit Fox series Glee has entered rehab for substance addiction. Although this is not his first attempt at getting sober, everyone—including his girlfriend, and fellow cast member, Lea Michele—is strongly supportive of his decision to try at it again. “I love and support Cory and will stand by him through this,” Michele, 26, says in a statement. “I am grateful and proud he made this decision.” The actress and singer tweeted to her 2.48 million followers, “Feeling so grateful today Going back a bit, to a 2011 interview with Parade magazine, Monteith explained that, by the age of 13, he was already skipping school to smoke pot and drink. He went on to express that his teenage years were uneasy, including attending 12 different schools, … Read entire article »

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Genetics and Addictions: What Predisposition Really Says About Becoming an Addict

  Addiction is a touchy topic, especially when it comes to the relationship of genetics causing a dependence of any sort. Recent studies have proved that while genetics can play a large role in predisposition, they cannot prove that someone will or will not become an addict, as addiction is a complex disease related to the interaction of both genetics and environmental factors.  After all, someone can be the only addict in their family, or they can be the only non-addict. No matter what role genetics play in a person’s likelihood of addiction, the focus should be on progress in terms of both the science of genetics and the treatment and prevention of addiction based on this available information. While genetics are not 100% responsible for a person’s descent into addiction, they … Read entire article »

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Whatever happened to the playground?

Whatever happened to the playground?

In today’s age, it seems like kids are starting to do things younger and younger, from wearing makeup to using cell phones. It seems that this trend of “younger, younger, younger” has pushed itself knee deep into the bog of drinking, drugs, and potential addiction. Kids are starting to use dangerous drugs regularly at the beginning of their teen years. Is this because the easy access, the fact that so many of them see this … Read entire article »

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Beer, Liquor, Heroin, and Weed: It’s All The Same Don’t Kid Yourself

Beer, Liquor, Heroin, and Weed: It’s All The Same Don’t Kid Yourself

In the Big Book it reads on page 142, “If he temporizes and still thinks he can ever drink again, even beer, he might as well be discharged after the next bender which, if an alcoholic, he is almost certain to have.”  Many problem drinkers who I have recently come across have explained to me that they had a difficult time with alcohol in the past but have now turned to just drinking beer instead … Read entire article »

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Moderation vs. Abstinence: No Clear Consensus Among Drug Counselors

  According to a significant number of addiction counselors, it is acceptable for their substance abuse patients to have an occasional drink, whether it is part of an intermediate recovery goal or final treatment goal. In a new study published by the American Psychological Association, experts questioned over 900 individuals from the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Counselors.  The participants were located all over the United States.  Half of them thought that it was acceptable for some of their alcohol abuse patients to moderate their alcohol intake, known as controlled drinking, rather than give up drinking entirely. Similarly, they were asked if moderate drug use was acceptable for drug abuse clients.  Approximately 50 percent said they thought it was okay as an intermediate goal and one-third believed it was okay for … Read entire article »

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Domestic Violence and Using

  For some people violence and using go together; it is sad but true.  Some drugs make people paranoid, like crystal meth or cocaine.  There are situations where people who are using think that their girl or guy is cheating on them and they get jealous.  But some of these drugs just make them trip out for no reason, which can make them become violent and hit their loved ones, family members, or friends.  Alcohol can make certain people angry and violent.  Many people are sent to jail and prison for domestic violence due to drug and alcohol abuse, which are often accompanied by anger issues. I have been in many situations were violence was going on.  It is a scary place to be in and sometimes I feel as though there … Read entire article »

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse among Teens Interrupts Healthy Growth

As Red Ribbon Week draws nearer, more and more schools and institutions are taking the time to combat the issue of drug and alcohol abuse that is severely affecting the mental health of our youth.  Red Ribbon Week begins October 23rd and goes through the 31st. It was set up to highlight and make everyone aware of the problems due to drug and alcohol abuse among teens, and give parents and guardians helpful information to combat this issue. The brain of a healthy individual does not stop developing until the ages of 25 to 26 years old, making the years before that age very crucial, and should not be disrupted by any means.  When a young person uses drugs and alcohol, it plays a very appalling role in the way the … Read entire article »

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Difficulties with Seniors Giving up Smoking and Drinking

Difficulties with Seniors Giving up Smoking and Drinking

  Giving up those vices detrimental to our physical and mental health is a tough uphill battle that many of us struggle with on a daily basis.  Whether it is an addiction to illegal substances like meth or marijuana, or a struggle to break free from the throngs of alcohol and tobacco, kicking addictions is, well, not so simple.  In a recent study published in the “Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences,” researchers … Read entire article »

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Colin Farrell: Sober and Glad to be Alive

  Irishman and big screen star Colin Farrell is checking in with reporters this week, ‘fessing up about some of his past experiences with drugs and alcohol and the law.  Before getting sober back in 2006, Farrell admits that he drank every day for 18 years.  After doing the math, that means he became a daily drinker at age twelve.  Alcohol abuse at that early of an age can stunt physiological development and should be strongly discouraged.  Colin Farrell is now happily sober and he hopes to help other Addicts and alcoholics overcome their addiction by sharing his story. When Farrell went into drug rehab several years ago, he was treated for drug abuse.  At the time, the actor was a father, and he now regrets ever using drugs and alcohol while fathering a … Read entire article »

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Sips from the Bottle is a Bad Idea

  One belief that many parents have is that if they allow their children to take sips from their beer or wine and experience the effects of alcohol in a controlled setting.   The child  will not develop the urge to drink at all – or, at least, not drink heavily with their friends.   After reading an interesting study—and from my own personal experiences growing up—parents should not give their kids sips of alcohol because it could lead to problems with it in the future. My parents thought it was acceptable to give me sips from their alcohol, thinking that it would discourage me from drinking heavily as I got older.  Their reasoning behind this was that, since beer was not an attractive drink, taste-wise, I would immediately spit it out or swallow … Read entire article »

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